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My New Freelance Gig

So I started this new freelance job last week for a startup magazine. They are going to press with their third issue and I am working in the production department making sure the edit pages get out. The office is in midtown and is quite small. There are about 24 people there and some of the offices are shared. I get to share and office with the CEO and the bookkeeper. The days are filled with awkward pauses and lowed voices. My hours are usually mid afternoon to night so it's not bad because I usually get the office to myself after 6.

I have a ridiculous story about one of the people there that goes by one name (sort of like Cher or Madonna). I later found out it's a composite of her first and last name and the single name is a common word that could never be a person's name. I really don't want to put her name down here in case by some chance, someone reads this and I then can't find work but let's just say her name is really plain like Connie Kaplan so her combine name would be CoK.

I don't want to seem like the type of girl that complains about everything or is a real bitch so I am going to make an effort to write more about things that are positive. I am very happy at the moment to be working and getting paid. I had 2 interviews this week as well so let's hope a permanent job is in the forecast! Fingers Crossed.

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