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Happy Christmas Everyone!

Yesterday I had the best New York Moment - it was about 1 in the morning (I guess then it technically was today) it was snowing and I was standing in the center of Times Square twirling around to the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year…" trying to catch snow on my tongue. Follow that with a great Christmas day! Went to see Lord of the Rings Two Towers again today with some friends (Tricia!). Then stopped over at the Tribeca Tavern for a few cocktails. It's now 11:53pm Christmas eve and I am sitting here listening to my favorite Christmas song "White Christmas" by Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters watching the snowfall. Don't you just LOVE IT! I am doing the family thing on Sunday the 29th because my family members are too lazy to leave their homes on the actual holiday. This is great because I get to do all my Christmas shopping in the post holiday craziness. Thanks family!

My new freelance job had been keeping me busy for the past few weeks, which is great because it means I made some money. Well the gig finished up yesterday and they asked me back for the February close so I am a happy girl. "I feel and I can't deny the fact that they like me. They really like me!" *Standing here holding onto the magazine and crying like Sally Field circa 1985*

I have a friend that does a list every year of his top 50 songs of that year. I will spare you his list because well … let's just say Jim has a very strange mix of songs that I just don't agree with. I will be compiling my list of the top 10 songs or albums of the year and hope to post it by next week (I think Lisa was looking for something like this right?). You see last year I did my list all wrong first of al I could only came up with 25 songs and secondly they were not all released or chart topers of 2001. I thought it was just a list of songs that were significant for what happened in that year. Most of my songs were about quitting my job and going to Vegas - that was my 2001.

But now we find ourselves in the last week of 2002. Despite the lack of a full time job, I can say the past year for me really wasn't all that bad. I worked with some cool people in some interesting places. I went to Ireland to be in my cousin's wedding. I met some new friends, some I've yet to meet in person (awww I am talking about the robot kids). I am trying my hardest to be creative and try new things. I have the best set of friends out there and even though they make fun of me all the time I know I can always count on them. The Brooklyn Brewery brought back BEER FEST woo hoo! And I know I will be working in 2003 (fingers crossed that I get a full time job with benefits). How was your year?

Have Fun, Stay Safe!.

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