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Anyone Hung-over? Anyone?

Last night was the first and last time I will ever shell out money for an open bar NYE party. $70 got us an open bar from 10-4 with light hors d'oeuvres and a midnight champagne toast. I thought this would be a good deal seeing that I spent $100 out drinking last Friday night clearly $70 is not that much. I had a good group of friends out with me so I thought the night was going to be fun. The party was in this small bar that an ex-co-worker rented and I knew quite a few people that were going to be there. There was only one ex-co-worker "Bob" that was going to be there that I really didn't need to see but I figure I could avoid him since my group of friends was big enough to wall around me. There is no past story or history with "Bob" he's just sort of that weird guy that happens to be at every work function regardless if he was invited or not.

I met up with some friends getting off the subway and we got to the party by 10:30. Like Mr. Robot's party, mine also was filled with way too many women. Where were all the single men last night? Was there a playboy/hustler pajama party going on somewhere? Since the bar was so small and the service was so slow I started double fisting my drinks to maximizes the already dull night. The drinks were watered down big time, which pissed me off even more. It almost made me not like my favorite cocktail - what a way to start the New Year. I say it was about 2:15am or 15 raspberry stoli's with tonic/lime later, when we decided to go find some fun. I was annoyed at this point because not only was the party dull but I was not even buzzed and "Bob" was making out all over the place. At one point he was right next to me at the bar making out and all I got was a peck at midnight from my gay friend. WTF!

Seven of us headed down to our new favorite bar only to find it packed to the gills with NYE revelers. We would have stayed if there were a spot at the bar. Barry (the bartender) looked very busy so we ended up down the block at this cute little place with a cute new bartender, Travis. At 3:02am, I called my friends in San Francisco to wish them a Merry New Year. I miss those kids! We chatted with Travis for a while and watched my friend Michele get hit on buy a bunch of drunken boys at the bar. Could it be that she wore the slutty top out last night maybe? One of them had the worst line I overheard . "If I didn't leave my credit card at home I would by you a drink." LAME!

We left Travis around 4:30 and went back to see if Barry was still busy but at this point, I was so annoyed with the whole evening I just wanted to climb into my bed. The Nancy Whiskey was still packed to the gills so we hoped into a cab and went to Odessa for breakfast (it's our tradition 3 years now). That omelette and pierogies hit the spot. It was probably the best part about my new years.

I was with two other friends that live uptown so we were all sharing a cab home. Trying to hail a cab from the east village to trek way uptown can sometimes be a pain in the ass. The first cab driver told us that since we were making three stops that he would have to restart the meter after the second stop. WTF did he think we were drunk tourist hear for a visit? He said it was a "law" so I asked if that was something that was put into effect at midnight because that was new to me. We immediately got out of his cab and waited for the next one that surprisingly didn't have the same meter "law" as the first. That is so shady to try and get more money on a friggin holiday. I hate New Years Eve!

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