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I don't like Mondays

"I want to shoot
The whole day down"
- The BoomtownRats

I think I have said this before but I really suck at compiling list for the best music of the year. It is probably because the only radio station I listen to is WCBS 101.1 (the oldies) or because I am literally stuck in the 80's. The new music I listen to is usually free stuff I get from friends. Oh and there was that one time I ask my 18 year old niece what I need to be listening to. So I am going to say this in advance I know most of this stuff was released in 2001 - I am a late bloomer, give me a break.

Nikka Costa Everybody Got Their Something – One of the albums released in 2001. I was in a record shop that was going out of business, it was playing in the store and I liked it so there you go.

Zero 7 Simple Things – Another 2001 album that I got back in January. It's mellow much like Nikka Costa. This is a very good album to take a bubble bath too.

Elvis Presley Elvis 30 #1 Hits – I do not own this album in particular but I do have most of these songs on CD. How can you go wrong with Elvis!

Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head – SO far I have yet to be disappointed with Coldplay. Oh, wait I forgot Chris Martin (vocals) is dating Gwyneth Paltrow. Never mind

The White Stripes White Blood Cells – Isn't Jack white just the cutest thing you have ever seen. OH and this album ROCKS way more than their first and almost as much as there second.

Sigur Rós () – I still have yet to purchase this album but I know I would love it since I have been listening to some tracks I have downloaded off the web. I still plan to purchase it so it may make the 2003 list as well.

Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World – Yes this was released in 2001 but I just got a copy of it in December and it hasn't been out of my walkman since. I hate these teen bands with catchy tunes they make you want to dance around your room in nothing but underwear. (Not that I do that.)

The Hives Veni Vidi Vicious – OK according to every music site this album was actually released in 2000 but I didn't hear about them until 2002 so sue me. The only thing that bugged me about the Hives last year was their MTV appearance where they did a battle of the bands vs. The Vines. I was expecting a classic back and forth band battle like that seen in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey but of course with everything MTV it was just LAME.

Robbie Williams Escapology – The last new album of 2002 I purchased. Cheesy yes, but you have to love his cute little ass.

Honorable mention goes to Gavin Rossdale for the song he has on the xXx soundtrack (Adrenaline). He's sexy voice along with Vin Diesel's body …. YUMMY! (OH and Yes, I realize Vin can't act for shit but who cares!)

To sum up my 2002 music choices I would like to think of them as a mix of ROCK OUT albums with some nice bubble bath tunes. It's just stuff I like!

BTW – does any one else out there HATE Avril Lavigne? Every time I see one of the dumb commercials for her album, I want to kick the TV but my love for my TV prevents me from doing so.

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