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Happy / Sad

Let's get the sad out of the way.

My sister was called to service and was suppose to leave today. They were having a family farewell thing at the armory at 11 this morning but my sister was stuck up in the Veterans Hospital getting her teeth looked at so she wasn't back in time for us to say goodbye. I think they leave tomorrow morning so I might be able to go down and see her off. That's my sad.

However, today I am having more fun with my HAPPY!

So I met Liz last night for Stitch N Bitch. We sat off to the side so I can get my knitting lessons in and I am happy to say that I picked it up pretty quickly. She is a fantastic teacher I just need to get use to the wrist movements and try to remember what direction I should be knitting. I am going to start off simple with a purple scarf in one pattern. I think I will give myself a month to be completely frustrated with it but I am determined to make at least 3 scarves this year! Some lucky person out there is going to own a Kelly Original come Christmas! Next week I think I am going to sit on the couch with the other knitters I'm not so afraid anymore but it might take me a week or two before I can knit and talk at the same time. Baby steps!

After we got our knit on, we went to Barnes and Noble. Liz helped me pick out a knitting book. I also got John Saul's latest Midnight Voices and a calendar of men in uniform. Mr. January is Tonee a 6'3" basketball player but I am most looking forward to Mr. March who is Shawn the hockey player both YUMMY!

Oh and I said something earlier and now I am completely embarrassed .... Has anyone tried that Wayne's World move where you wiggle your hand in from of your face to do a flashback thing so you can reverse what you said earlier? I have been sitting here doing that for 40 minutes now it's not working!

I'm going to go get my knit on now ..... later

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