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Itís been a Lost Weekend Ö.

Fabulous 3-day weekend Ö it probably would be even better if I had a full time job to have a fabulous 3-day weekend away from but that's not the point to this story. I had a good time - really, I did.

Friday night it was just too cold to go out besides I had spent the day having lunch with my friends and shopping for yarn I was too tired to go out in the evening. I stayed in and watched Hockey which is always fun especially if you get to see blood. Saturday I spent the day working on a website for my friend's parents. The evening I met up with a few friends for dinner and drinks. It was a lot of fun, we drunk dialed a few people and I even got to see one of my cute bartenders for a second. YEAH!

I haven't been to Sunday brunch in a long time (especially one that has unlimited mimosa's). Mark found this fun place on the east side that even has a mariachi band. Five of us show up for yummy Strawberry Mimosa's and well I was a happy girl! Food wasn't that bad either but I think next time I will go for a more lunch item than breakfast. When brunch was over, we wanted to keep the drinking momentum going so we went in search of a bar. The one I wanted to go to was closed (odd I mean it was 3:30 in the afternoon) so we went to Shades of Green. DID YOU HEAR THAT CHRIS - WE WENT TO SHADES OF GREEN! It was quite and low key just how I like my bars. Had a few drinks but couldn't stay out because I was having dinner with my dad. Sunday night ended with some Hockey on TV - FUN.

Monday I went to visit my old boss and her 20-month-old baby girl. She is the absolute cuties thing. And a very smart baby Ė she can already sing her ABC's and count up to 15. We had a lot of fun. Laura even baked some cookies like the ones she use to bring into the office for Christmas. YUMMY. So I came home to end my fun weekend with more Hockey and CSI Miami. Do any of you watch that show? I mean is it just me or do you hate that David Caruso's character Horatio Caine always has to end the show with a dumb line about the criminal or victim. I think tonight's line was something like "I hope the thrill was worth it because you're not likely to see one where your going." Or something as equally dumb. I really only watch the show for Rory Cochrane and not to overuse the word today but YUMMY!

How was your weekend?

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