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I'll admit it I listen to the oldies station (WCBS FM here in NYC) I mean who doesn't LOVE Cousin Brucie. And I never start a workday without listening to Harry Harrison, but I was shocked and dismayed when I heard the Miami Sound Machine this morning on the OLDIES station. Can I ask someone when did the 80's become the OLDIES? I mean I noticed they played the Stray Cats but I just thought the station was a bit confused and didn't know that the Stray Cats was an 80's band with a 50's sound. Ok so I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked I mean I can kind of see Miami Sound Machine on there because some songs have that Light FM sound that works well on the oldies station. I'm just concerned that there is this rule of thumb or actual date to set a clock by that tells you that you are OLD. Does anyone know what the formula is? I mean how long will it be before the oldies stations start playing the Sex Pistols and Nine Inch Nails? Will the class of 2010 hear Nirvana or the Smashing Pumpkins on WCBS? Will I start using phrases like "back when I was in school we didn't have the internet or cell phones" wait I already do. DAMN I'm OLD!

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