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My exchange program friend who smokes American Spirits

In the past 6 years, I have had 7 people I know move from NYC to San Francisco. When the first two left, I was very sad and when the last two left, I was just down right fed up. I had lost 7 drinking buddies and it didn't seem like I was attaining new ones to replace them. The last two left in July of 2002 and within a month they were telling me how they were settling in and that they had met a nice couple that was thinking of moving to NYC. Immediately I thought of a new rule - if any of my friends leave NY State, they must in return send a new friend back to replace them. It just so happened that last December Mike (a native Californian boy) decided to move to NYC. Mike happens to be friends with Jen (one of the first people I know that left) so he is the first installment in this "exchange friend" program. I must say things are working out quite well.

Mike got here the beginning of December and found a nice apartment in the east village. Within the first month, we went to a comedy show, an impromptu pub-crawl, the Russian Vodka Room, the movies, and a few bars. I met up with him last week to see how the big city has been treating him. We met at one of my "regular" bars, which now happen to be his local (7B). Now I have been going to 7B for YEARS and it bothered me just a little too much that not only has Mike settled down into the city but also he managed to become friends with EVERYONE at 7B he's like Norm in Cheers! I guess I should have been a bit more loyal to my "regular" places but I have so many I can hardly pick one. And lately all my drinking focus has been at the Nancy Whiskey Pub. I must take a moment to apologize to all the bars I have neglected in the past few months: Rocky Sullivan's, Tavern on Jane, 9C, Ace Bar, the Library, Swift, St. Dymphna's, Scratcher, St. Marks Ale House, Johnny's, Blind Tiger, Chumley's, Mustang Sally's, Mona's, The Raven, 2A, Motor City, Filthy McNasty's, and Sweet Waters. I am sure I am missing a few but I am truly sorry I have neglected any/all of you! I think I have to make a monthly schedule and try and hit them all on a regular basis! Anyone up for a pub-crawl?

On a side Note: My friend Mike smokes American Spirit cigarettes. He showed me that they have now been selling them with a set of endangered species and music styles trading cards or Vignette cards as their website calls them. I bring this up because he saved the one that is about "old school rap." On the front, it has a cartoon of a white guy in a DJ scratching pose and this is what it said. "Old School Rap, born in the south Bronx during the early 1970's, was the first rap style and is noted for its high energy, simple rhymes, and emphasis on fun. Unlike modern rap, the DJ's were the focal point of the early rap sound. The extended Instrumental grooves of old school provide opportunities for rappers and break dancers to perform, enhancing its reputation as party music." I just want to meet the team of geniuses that came up with this and find out how I can get on one of these cards. My card would have a cartoon of a young girl in pigtails picking her nose and the backside would read. "Cootie Girl, born in Manhattan during the early 1970's, was the first cootie style and is noted for its low energy, simple ideas, and emphasis on drinking. Unlike modern cootie, the bartender's were the focal point of the early cootie sound. The extended liquid grooves of old school provide opportunities for drunks and break dancers to perform, enhancing her bad reputation."

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