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Smoke-Less Bars Yippy!

OK I am not sorry one bit for all you smokers out there that there is a law that says you cannot smoke in bars. When I heard this was gonna happen here in NYC, I totally didn't believe it. I knew it was possible because 2 years ago, I was out in San Francisco and after 3 nights going out I realized what was so different out there (besides all the victims of plastic surgery and the hippies) they don't smoke in bars!!!

So, I was out both Friday night and Saturday night and to my delight, I came home both nights NOT smelling like a dirty ashtray. I didn't have to immediately take all my cloths off and tie them up in a plastic bag or drop them in the washing machine to soak overnight. I didn't have to Fabreez my coat and hang it outside to air and I didn't have to jump in the shower to take off the layer of grime that settled itself into every pore of my body. This is a good thing. The two bars I went to on Friday night were Barramundi and Nancy Whisky Pub and Saturday we went to the French Paddy for some awesome 80's music. Now the bars on Friday were packed as usual so the smoking ban didn't hurt them but the French Paddy was a little less crowded which is a shame since it's such a fun spot. Many of these establishments now have ashtrays outside by the door for all the smokers and so far, I haven't heard them complain. Well really how could I when I am inside enjoying my drink in a smoke free environment.

Two things I have noticed now that the smoke is gone, well not two things but two new smells. Since the smoke is not there to mask it anymore, you can totally smell more BO in addition to FARTS! WTF? My friend said it wasn't farts per say but stale beer. I might have bought this since I once visited the Guinness factory in Dublin and yes, it totally smelled like ass. They say it's the barley but I'm not so sure. I still think its farts. But you know farts don't stick to your cloths (unless you're Mike). I have yet to come home from a bar smelling like ass.

Viva smoke-less bars!

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