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Random thoughts

Today is my sister Michelle's 36th birthday. (Happy Birthday Sista!) In 2001 she joined the National Guard and became a Harlem Hellfighter. Her job is in the National Guards transportation department. She was deployed to Kuwait a few weeks ago. I talked to her this morning and she seems to be ok. She is waiting around the "sand box" for a mission. She says it's just like M.A.S.H. but without Klinger and has asked for the family to send her some beef jerky and South Park DVD's.

I am wearing my Angel Fluevog's today …they are Satan resistant.

The Stars won last night (it's about time). I'm a Happy Girl!

My friend got a new cat. Right now he is calling him The Cheat but the cat is so damn cute I want to give it a better name. Since I am on the Hockey kick lately I suggested Domi or Zubie.

I am in the mood for a PP&J but I know the deli wouldn't make it the way I like it. (Note to self - stop at the store and pickup some PP&J).

It's only Tuesday - damn I wish it were the weekend already. I am going to see the Supersuckers Friday and Saturday I can't wait. I need to pickup their new CD today. OH and I will make sure to talk to some 20 something's at the show … I haven't been called asshole in a few weeks now. I feel so unloved.

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