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Sleep, will I ever see you again?

OH MY LORD! Is anyone watching the Stars/Ducks game tonight? Anyone? 3rd OT and you think it's all over when the Ducks score but NOOOOOOOOOO the goal was waved off because the net was off the boarding. Hey I'm not gonna complain I want the Stars to win but now it's 12:34am and I am on my second week with lack of sleep … The playoffs are KILLING ME. All these sudden death overtimes are great but once the game goes past 2OT's you get just as tired as the players do. How much do I LOVE this game!

So, it took me two days to fully recover from my 4 day drinking bender last weekend. I went out with Tisha and some friends for her birthday on Wednesday. Tomorrow (well really tonight) is Liz's birthday party and I am working on Sunday (UGH). The following weekend I am going to see the SuperSuckers and the Reverend Horton Heat. And between now and the 15th I know 5 people who are celebrating birthdays. I sometimes long for the days when I was out of work just so I can sleep in …. Now I just look forward to Saturdays since it's my only day I can sleep in. Sad thing is I miss my Saturday brunches. I think I am gonna need me some unlimited mimosas really soon.

So I guess this makes it official, I will be getting NO SLEEP for the next 3 weeks. If I seem at all cranky to you just hand me a beer or some Excedrin. As long as I am drunk and feeling no pain I think I am going to be just fine.

Oh brb 4th OT is about to start ……

FUCKING A! The game is STILL tied at 3-3 and they are going into a 5th overtime…. 5th OT!!! … Right now (1:28am) this game is now the 4th longest game in playoff history … I am questioning WHY am I still up watching it (I mean it's only game one of this series). I am so very tired do you think the Stars would notice that I am not in front of my TV yelling at it. Sad but I have invested this much time into the game I must see who wins. I mean who needs sleep anyway, it's completely overrated.

The 5th OT is beginning … I'll let you know who wins … unless it goes to a 6th OT then I am definitely going to bed. brb …….

There you have it … the Ducks win with less than a minute in the 5th OT … I guess they deserved it I mean the goal in the 3rd OT should have counted … I'm sad for the Stars but happy I can go to bed now (1:40am). Get ‘em next time Zubie!

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