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You can take this advice or you can just ignore it. I somehow think if I share my mistakes, I can help you or someone you know. (Remember a professional idiot did these acts, DO NOT try this yourself.)

1. DO NOT go drinking with your co-workers especially if they are all of the opposite sex. At first, you might think this is fun but it inevitably it gets ugly and the conversations somehow end up on midget porn.

2. DO NOT invite your best friend out to drink with your co-workers because after many cocktails when ABBA comes on one of them will try to dance with her. OH and by the end of the night, they will ask to see her TA TA's.

3. DO NOT eat at Applebees no matter how drunk and or hungry you are. Tricia and I feasted on the Onion Peels (with ranch dipping sauce) then she had the Veggie Patch Pizza and I had the Nachos Nuevos. I just made it home before it got really interesting.

4. If you are out drinking for more than 4 hours, you should TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF. Although drunk dialing is fun, it can also backfire. You can leave a message on your co-workers phone and they may hold onto it just to have something to tease you with forever. (Sorry Brian its the price your gonna have to pay. I'm EVIL!)

I'm only trying to help people.

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