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A woman in her Prime!

So I have to tell you what they say is true - a woman in her 30's is totally in her prime. I am coming to embrace this fact; well I can't avoid it actually. It started a few years ago when my friend had hosted a sex toy party. I guess that was the beginning to the end and now I know what a teenage boy goes through. Having sex on the mind all the time can be a bit distracting.

I heard a cat outside my window that was in heat. She sounded like a crying baby (not an annoying crying baby sort of like a hey I'm here sort of crying baby). Two seconds later I hear the weird sounds of street cat love. This was disturbing and I really not sure why I bring it up OH yeah I was thinking "thank god the humans don't make noises like that when in heat because right about now I would be sounding like a fire engine. WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW"

The other night I went to see The Reverend Horton Heat out in Long Island (Farmingdale to be exact). The last time the Rev was in town I remember I thought their roadie (Lonely Boy) was cute. OH MY LORD he was delicious I just wanted to eat him up. He looks just like Rory Cochrane only he has hazel eyes, a rockabilly greaser hairdo and some tatt's. I so wanted to violate that boy in 37 ways. I wasn't happy when I caught him making kitten faces at the girl at the merchandising table (she wasn't even cute). I can't believe that this was 3 days ago and I am still talking about it.

*Inhale* in with the good *exhale* out with the bad there I'm ok!

I have been doing that a lot . I now rely on my moments of zen to get me through the day. How did you teenage boys handle this? Don't get me wrong I am enjoying every minute of it and probably will be for quite some time. Oh and the time it took me to write this I have had at least 23 lustful thoughts (I started to write this 26 minutes ago). I feel so dirty and I like it!

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