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Talking in public

OK I totally am guilty of listening to other people's conversations in public. I mean I don't do it often but sometimes you just cannot avoid it. I am telling you this because it just occurred to me that people actually listen to me. Twice on Thursday I got that "look" from a stranger that told me I was either talking to loud or cussing too much.

I met Tricia after work to catch the bus down to a bar for happy hour. I was a little annoyed with work that day and I really needed to vent. We caught the express so the ride was a short trip but for a good two minutes of conversation I must have said FUCKING 23 times. I finally got a "look" from an elderly woman sitting in front of Tricia. Obviously at this point I couldn't yell SHIT CUNT DAMN, shrug my shoulder a few times and blame the whole thing on my Tourettes, maybe next time.

Later that night after a few cocktails Tricia and I went shopping. When I drink I usually like to walk holding onto a fella but since Tricia was the only one around I held onto her. We talked about how much we love each other (platonic friends do that right) when we both got a "look" from a man passing us, he totally thought we were lesbians. That made us laugh so we then proceed to hold hands and skip down the block.

What I learned from this is that 1) I need to tone down on the cussing because a mouth like a sailor is not lady like and 2) I'm too old to be skipping down the street.

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