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my weekend was OK how was yours?

I was delighted to see Friday coming since I had just worked a 6 day week I met T at Cleo's nail salon and ordered me a special pedicure. It was fabulous and even made me giggle when the woman rubbed aloe between my toes. I got a nice dark shade of red called "wicked" and was ready for a night out on the town. Unfortunately, T was not really in the mood to go out so I went home and watched bad TV. I am kind of glad I didn't go out cause I was very tired from my work week. That night I slept for 13 hours NO JOKE!

Saturday I got up and was ready to party hard. I took a nice long bubble bath and did all the girly things women do to make themselves presentable to men. I met Pat and Tricia out at the French Paddy to listen to DJ Gilles spin some awesome 80's tunes. I had emailed him some song request earlier in the day and to my delight, he played them all. Sad though the French Paddy was sort of dead so he stopped playing before midnight. We then headed down to the best bar in the world the Nancy Whisky Pub. I had met up with a few friends who just came out after a co-ed bachelor party. Thank god there was one girl to tell us all the real dirt because all Johnny said was "I was at the bar the whole night". Sorry dude but we know where you were you dirty dog. The stories were outrageous - I don't think the girls they had there were just regular strippers because they went above and BEYOND their duties. Made me a little jealous really but then I thought do I really have to be getting married (or know someone who is) to have a bachelor party? I didn't think so. Maybe along with my plans to go to Dollywood for the birthday this year I'm gonna have me a dirty bachelor party.

Well on my way home from NWP I went to call Honky Cracker to leave a nice singing message but he answered the phone and foiled my plan. I chatted with him till my train came (well actually until my phone went dead). I got home at 6:45 and was so tired but had to call back HC to tell him my phone died and that I wasn't rude and hung up on him. In the process of calling him back while my phone is on the charger I broke the ugly lamp I had on my bedside table. Happy really cause I hated that lamp.

I spent my Sunday doing laundry and making cd's for my sister (she's still in Kuwait). Oh and today is June 1 so I turned over my Men In Uniform Calendar to see the yummy I have for June. It's Daryl the 5'11" Auto Mechanic brown hair and brown eyes and oh so dreamy. Gang of Four sung it best - "I Love a Man in Uniform!"

That was my weekend how was yours?

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