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mob tonight!

I am on this comedian's email list and with his usual announcements he attached this email. It's funny/strange but I like it and thought I would share.


You are invited to take part in MOB, the project that creates an inexplicable mob of people in New York City for ten minutes or less. Please forward this to other people you know who might like to join.


Q. Why would I want to join an inexplicable mob?

A. Tons of other people are doing it.

Location: Claire's Accessories (Broadway between 8th and 9th Sts.)
Start Time: Tuesday, June 3rd, 7:24 pm Duration: 7 minutes

(1) At some point during the day on June 3rd, synchronize your watch to here. (If that site doesn't work for you, try this.) If you have a digital watch, or a cell phone with an alarm, please set it to beep at 7:31 pm.

(2) The mob should form at precisely 7:24 and not beforehand. As such, we will need to divide evenly among the paths by which the site can be approached. Based on the month of your birth, please walk toward the site as follows:
- January or July: up Broadway from the south
- February or August: down Broadway from the north
- March or September: 8th St. from the east (Astor Place)
- April or October: 8th St. from the west (NYU)
- May or November: 9th St. from the east
- June or December: 9th St. from the west By 7:20 pm, please position yourself on the street or in a store one to two blocks away from the site. Begin walking toward the site at 7:22. NO ONE SHOULD ARRIVE AT THE SITE BEFORE 7:23.

(3) At 7:24, you should arrive at Claire's Accessories and enter in an orderly fashion. Walk to the back of the store so others can enter. Look at merchandise. If the store is already full, or if you are turned away at the door, mass around the front of the store, facing its window. You will see people you know, but please keep chatter to a minimum.

(4) If you are approached by a salesperson, say you are "just looking." If you are asked why you came, say that you "heard a mob was going to be here." If you are stuck outside, you can yell or chant, or not, depending on the vibe. (Possible chants: "[clap clap] Acc-ess [clap clap] o-ries"; or, simply, "Mob.")

(5) At 7:31, when the alarms begin to beep, the mob should disperse. Walk away from the site as fast as possible, in as many directions as possible. NO ONE SHOULD REMAIN AT THE SITE AFTER 7:33.

(6) Return to what you would otherwise have been doing. Await instructions for MOB #2.

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