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Im a little bit country ..

But still a whole lotta rock n roll!

I went to see The Derailers Thursday night with Tricia. Like Tricia, the Derailers also hail from Texas. I was expecting a good time country show and it delivered. The crowd however could have been a little bit younger and a little bit hipper. I was expecting a crowd like the one you would find at a Reverend Horton Heat show all we got were a bunch of older gentlemen who still wore their hair slicked with grease. They put on a good show so if you ever have the chance and you are feeling a little bit country you should go and check them out.

Yesterday I went to see the 135th running of the Belmont Stakes. I hadn't been to the Stakes since 2000 when Commendable won and boy was it different. I thought with all the bad weather and despite the Triple Crown hype, we have been having that the stakes would be relatively tame. OH Lord was I wrong. The place happened to look like a really bad outdoor concert that allowed you to B.Y.O.B. Even in the rain, people got up, got drunk and PACKED themselves into Belmont. This is really weird to me since I thought the young kids today wouldn't be into watching horses run around in the mud. But then again I guess if you tag a B.Y.O.B. on that, you would have yourself a PARTY! I really should have stayed in bed that day but I had gotten a few bets from my coworkers I had to place so I forced myself out. My coworkers all lost I won. I could have won more but I'm a spaz and bet Win/Show instead of Win/Place and #6 Ten Most Wanted was my horse. Tricia won because a boy that makes her giggle told her to bet on #1 Empire Maker and well he won WOO HOO! The ponies are fun we are definitely going to go back this summer when it's NICE OUT. Enough with this rain already yeesh!

Oh and about the Rock n Roll bit is anyone else interested/a little confused/freaked out/excited/going to see/or even knew that the Sex Pistols were playing at Jones Beach this summer? That could be interesting or at least a little bit disturbing. Anyone want to go?

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