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Itís a Psychobilly Blackout

I'm sitting at work and it's just after 4pm. At the time, it was just me and 7 men in my office and we hear this buzzing noise as if someone was using a power saw or an industrial vacuum in the next room. One of my co-workers asks if that noise is coming from my purse. I turned red and the lights went out. I was a little freaked out not because the lights were out but because I know there would be crowds of people on the street. I hate people and don't do well in crowds.

My boss got us out of the office and we all went to go get a drink around the corner. It was hot and dark in the bar but I was ok because I was with a few people I knew. I just dreaded leaving and trying to get home by myself. I work on east 34th street and I live way uptown in Washington Heights. There is a bus line that is a block from my house that goes right by my job. When I walked to the stop, I saw about 100 other people waiting for a bus. Instead of walking home, I walked downtown to 9th street to get the bus at the first stop. I got a seat and by 7:30, I was on my way home. It was very sad/depressing passing hundreds of people waiting for a bus to go home and as the bus inched up Madison Avenue, it got darker and darker outside. I passed one ATM that was working on 47th street. It was a CHASE and it was packed.

I got off the bus in my hood just after 10pm and sure enough, everyone was out in the street. I used my cell phone for some light as I walked in the alley that leads to my door. I didn't have batteries for the radio so I still was unsure what actually happened. I washed up, took a shot of NyQuil and went to bed. I set a tape player on play incase the power came back in the middle of the night but I was up before 8:30 this morning when my power came back on. I heard from my boss, we do not have to work today but normal working hours for tomorrow and Sunday. My weekend is shot hope yours will be better.

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