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Five Questions and the Sex Pistols

1. If there was a war between werewolves and vampires, who would you bet on?
Vampires hands down! Don't they have the power to control minds and fly and shit.

2. Not counting airplanes, how high up have you been?
as high as some wacky tobbacy takes you!

3. Which is creepier: glass covering a swimming pool all of a sudden and you are trapped below it -OR- being attacked by a giant spider?
Attacked by a giant spider because you would have to run and trip and act all helpless while they pounce and eat you. I agree with Liz the glass thing will just cut off your air and you would just pass out and die peaceful.

4. Ever seen a UFO, a ghost, or bigfoot?
DUH, you can't SEE ghosts. That whole white spooky transparent outline thing is only for movies so you can see where the actors are. So I only have SEEN a UFO, ghost exist but I have not SEEN one and well I have seen quite a few very hair large men do they count as Bigfoot? Or do they have to be running in the woods for that name?

5. This is Matt's classic question, but I am co-opting it for myself: You can have brunch with 4 other people. These people have to be alive (well, yea). Who would they be? Extra Credit Question: If there was a big brawl at brunch, who would remain standing at the end?
Eugene Mirman, my sister, Patton Oswald, and whichever Stella boy is available. My sister has military training so I say it would be her.


On a side note: I went to see the Sex Pistols last night at Jones beach and the show SUCKED ASS! I missed the Reverend Horton Heat who was the only person I really wanted to see (well really their roadie but I did see him walk by the side of the stage). We got there in time to see the other band, the Dropkick Murphy's - they had more life than the Pistols! I mean for Christ sake Johnny was wearing orange shorts and a yellow/brown t-shirt. But I must say Tricia said it best in the email she sent out this morning:

"oh my god it was the most depressing thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

first of all, i didn't pay 56 bucks to see jimmy buffet which is what i got. Johnny Rotten is not supposed to wear jams and a matching neon multicolored tank top. He isn't supposed to be ridiculously happy and bouncing all over the stage like a nincompoop doing bizarre dance steps that i saw my dad doing after drinking too much at my wedding reception. Did i mention he was wearing jams??

i just stood there through the entire show with my mouth hanging open......I'm sure he was laughing all the way to the bank which was the only good thing. People were flipping him off and yelling f**k you like they did back in the day.......but it was like flipping off Barry Manilow or something....... What's the point? And i especially enjoyed the people that brought their little kids.

we left early with many others who were offended and tried to bribe the bus driver to take us away from that horrible experience before his scheduled departure.

I'm choosing to forget the entire night so that i can remember Johnny the way he should be remembered, skinny, pissed off, acne covered, and on drugs!"

Well put Tricia I'm going to remember him that way too.

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