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Tricia’s a poseur and I’m invisible

I got to talk to my sister this weekend. She is over in the desert right now transporting coalition troops around Iraq and Kuwait. She sounded good and requested I send over some music, DVD's, and photos from back in the day. I went shopping after work to pick up some Rolling Stones cd's since sadly I do not own any. Tricia came along and well I found out - Tricia is a poseur and I was invisible.

I was standing in the isle looking at the Queen cd's (another band I do not own) when this kid I swear he must have been 11 walks right up to me looking on the rack. Had I not moved aside he might have walked through me. Now I'm no small girl so it would be hard for him to miss me but I swear I felt invisible. He was looking for some Queensr˙che cd for some reason I thought that was sadder than I looking for Queen.

So Tricia picks up a a Black Flag cd, a Misfits cd, and a Nerf Herder cd. Now I know those bands (except for Nerf Herder) and I thought Tricia did as well. It wasn't until we get to the checkout that the kid behind the counter reveals how little punk Tricia actually knows. First of all I thought the boy was going to cream himself because Misfits was his FAVORITE band (he showed us his tattoo to prove it) and this was his IN to chat up Tricia and invite her out to see his band (they are opening for the Misfits you know- sometime next month!). Then he was impressed that she was buying a Black Flag cd so he gives her a $5 discount on it (because no one should pay full price for Black Flag – I'm not jealous … much … I mean he didn't give me the same DISCOUNT on my Human League cd). He tells her that Black Flag have gotten back together (mind you she only knows that Henry Rollins was in the band) he proceeds to rattle off the rest of the members (I could tell from her look that she didn't know what he was talking about and that is when I figured out she was a poseur). I had to tell the poor boy that she was just 3 weeks ago at a Human League concert with me so she is not as punk rock as you would think. He then tells us that The Exploited was touring again and at that, I had to chime in "With Wattie?" I had the BIGGEST crush on him back in high school. Apparently he has purple dreads now (Tricia didn't know him either and later I found out she didn't even know Danzig was in the Misfits - Who doesn't know that! - poseur).

So I am sorry for outing you Tricia. I mean I guess I have my sister, the Franken brothers, George, Lori, Val, that blonde punk girl, and all the other punk kids I worked with at Tower Records (who's names I have forgotten) for showing me the way of the punk. If you only knew me 15 years ago, I could have showed you the way too. Punks Not Dead – and Tricia is a poseur! (hee hee)

Don't worry Tricia I'm going to get you this book for Christmas.

(and people next time I have an obvious spelling error in my post please tell me ... duh! poseur NOT poser!)

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