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Everybody’s working on the weekend ….

I actually think it's only me! Fuck work man …. I mean I am happy I have a job but it's a holiday weekend and everyone else is outside on this lovely day and I am stuck here at the office. No window to look out of, lots of AC so I am freezing, and a beep every 20min from the lightbox because we need to change one of the bulbs. I got in this morning at 9:12AM … I had breakfast and took a nap for 30min or so. The client got in around 10:45 and we finally got work around 11:30. I also have to be in tomorrow for a few hours this totally blows. I don't want to hear about everyone's great weekend getaways or how much fun they had this past weekend. It's only Sunday and I am already cranky for the week. Not only do I have to work today and tomorrow but this whole week the guy that does my job at night will be on vacation so I will be working much O.T.! I need to try and not be so cranky/bitter I should be thinking of things I could buy with the extra cash I am making this week. I think an iPod is in my future.

So here is a list of things I would rather be doing this weekend:

1 – go to Chango for a strawberry mimosa mariachi brunch
2 – spend the day just sitting in the park with a bottle (or two) of wine (or smoking some wacky tobacy)
3 - staying in bed all day next to a warm body (with some fun time under the sheets)
4 – going to Atlantic City for the night and learn how to play craps
5 – hang out with some friends and watch The Pit and Stella

I asked my co-worker Gordy if he wanted me to post something for him today … his quote "Day six – still constipated" (T.M.I. - I know)

So this is my weekend, working in a freezing room with a constipated man. Go ahead everyone be jealous!

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