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Songs about poo

Well you will be happy to know that my co-worker (Gordy) went from a 6 day "problem" to an explosive "problem". It got us thinking of that song Diarrhea Cha Cha Cha and any other songs about poo. I am sure there are many songs on the subject. I have come up with this short list:

1. Limbomaniacs - "The Toilet's Flooded"
Lyrics: "The toilet's flooded, the load won't fit
The toilet's flooded with the great big shit
There was this dude his name was Ted
He just stopped over and he said,
"I'd go outside if I had to pee
But I got a big ole doo-doo inside of me.""

2. Fisherspooner - "Mega Colon"
Lyrics: "Thinking about my man it really make me sick
The shit got soft, steamy slick
It came out in a blast that was really foul
Forget the white cloud I need the bounty towel"

3. Buzzcocks - "Oh Shit" (not really about poo so much)
Lyrics: "Oh shit I wish I'd known before now
Oh shit that you were such a fuckin' cow
Oh shit I wouldn't've wasted my time
Oh shit chasin' somethin' which could never be mine
You're shit"

4. NoFx - "Shitting Bricks"
Lyrics: "I'm shitting shitting bricks
I'm shitting bricks by the dozen
I'm shitting shitting bricks"

5. Faith No More - "Cuckoo for Caca"
Lyrics: "Shit lives forever
We'll retire with a turd on our lips
Under a pair of knowing eyes
I'm gonna take a few down with me
And drop my good side"

6. Frank Zappa - "Hot Poop"
Lyrics: "He has work in the control zone
Because home doziness loves the dirt knobs...
They think it is the way they can create
Wonder what everyone else is whispering about..."

OH and I use to play song #1 in college when I had a radio show. My college was so lame the radio only broadcasted to the 2 cafeteria's (my school had separate cafeteria's for commuters and residents) I was a commuter and the radio usually only worked in the residents cafeteria. I hated the residents so I played that song every week at lunch for them. I don't think anyone noticed. Well maybe the guy that called in a request for GWAR. He might have thought it was funny.

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