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· water
· Lindor Dark Raspberry Truffles
· frightened rabbit
· Life After Death by Damien Echols
· bad sitcoms with laugh tracks

things that make me happy for $400

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400 Bucks
400 Bucks could have gotten me limo service home tonight (instead, I had a grumpy cab driver).

400 Bucks could get me a better computer monitor (right now my screen is totally shifted about an inch to the right).

400 Bucks could be very damaging if spent at the Russian Vodka Room in one night.

400 Bucks could pay for a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant.

400 Bucks could get a cheap hotel and a cheap hooker.

400 Bucks could also get me a better hotel and a booty call.

400 Bucks would make a trip to Atlantic City way more fun.

400 Bucks could get me some new ink on my back (my koi fish needs a friend).

400 Bucks could pay for some guitar lessons.

400 Bucks could also help pay for a kick ass guitar (who needs lessons).

400 Bucks is just $99 shy of the thing I want the most right now. THIS!

" and you don't give a FUCK,
about my 400 Bucks!"

- Reverend Horton Heat

(Oh and Mr. Jimbo Wallace if you are reading this I still heart you)

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