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My Birthday / Robot Anniversary

I want to take this time to thank Rich and the rest of the robot family for tolerating me for the past year. Yup today is my Robot anniversary. How I found Happy Robot is well, not very interesting really I was stalking (*cough*) I mean going to see this comedy group called the Naked Babies. I noticed their website was created by Evil Robot (linked to HR) and well then I visited (*cough stalked*) HR for weeks before I had the courage to ask to be accepted into the robot clan. I am a little disappointed though we never had a dinner together where the rest of the robots would chant, "Ubba Gabba Ubba Gabba we accept her we accept her" (a la FREAKS). I would very much like to do that to the next person to join the robot family (even if it's just me and that person at the dinner table do you think that would scare them away?)

Oh and yesterday was my special day I had one of the best birthdays ever! My friends ROCK. Tisha and Jeannay stopped by my office and brought me some LOTR gear so I can re-enact the movies at home (NOT that I really do that they just know I would find that extremely funny). I got a pony head on a stick (it makes galloping noises) a sword and Aragon and Gollum action figures. Jeannay also made me some cookies, which I left at the office (I hope the night crew guys didn't eat them or there will be HELL TO PAY). Last night a bunch of us went to Dok Suni for dinner and I had 4 Orange Saketinis (YUMMY). They got me a DeeVeeDee player so I am no longer living in the Stone Age. Oh and not to forget the great DVD movies they got me too don't be jealous people but I got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vegas Vacation, and The Lost Boys. Went for desert at De Robertis Pasticceria and Caffe (they have the best cannolis). And ended the evening at St. Dymphna's where Peter made us a lovely shot called "The Nutty Irishman" it tasted just like a toasted almond good humor bar. I was home and passed out by 2 it's a good thing I am off today (and tomorrow) I need the rest in my old age.

Oh and I got myself that iPod toy - I was so caught up in the whole "needed to have it" thing that I forgot to get the firewire card (DUH) so I need to get that today. I might get some accessories as well since I can't use those headphones that comes with the toy (my concha piercings seem to not make them a comfortable fit). I need to go back to bed now and rest up I continue my celebrations tonight with more drinks followed by tomorrow for more drinks and Saturday for even more drinks . Birthdays ROCK!

one more thing go HERE and watch the new trailer for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I watched it about 5 times now I can't wait until it comes out (just to re-iterate despite my love for LOTR I am not that dorky).

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