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Church Love - SPAM

Have any of you seen this spam lately? - "Some Christian Likes YOU" OR "Christian Singles Wants to Meet YOU" OR "Saw YOU in church, loved what I saw"

WTF! The last time I was in a church was August 2002 for my cousins wedding and that's only because I was a bridesmaid. I don't go to church. Spam is just getting too ridiculous … today alone I had 56 spam emails in my yahoo account and 67 in my hotmail account. Among the Christian singles, ones mentioned before I also got:

ulrich      XXX Hardcore Fucking – Real Orgasms
Jill      Increase your breast size naturally Guaranteed
No more menopause      You have hot flashes?
emmie 21511      sr Getting nailed in the bum for the first time
drunknakedgirls1868@      Dirty sex parties photos! Drunk orgies! Young girls very drunk and fucked!
Get anyone u desire4      in the sack7
Stone      8 Meds you need for great deal
That girl will      go out with you
Come Inside      For the HOTTEST content on the web
Liz      20" H0rse C_ck 1n her pussie
U will want to screw      constantly with this
Would you like      to gain 3 inches permanently?

my response: that's not real - I can tell; bigger is better; no; eewwww; hope there is none of me; I'm sure it's only with a roofie; I only like the happy illegal kind; I don't like girls; the hottest content is right here; Liz - I had no idea; with WHAT?; and where? on my ass? ‘cause I already have too many inches there!

I hate SPAM!

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