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My neighbors in the W.H. yo!

The windows to my room face the entrance of the building, if you are standing in my room they are about shoulder high and up and the shades are ALWAYS closed. Why are the shades closed you might ask. Well if you stand outside my window, it would fall from your waist down and you have a clear view down onto me and my bed (usually not a pretty sight). Somewhat like the windows in Lavern and Shirley but taller. I had three neighbors who I have never seen only heard.

The neighbor that shares the wall next to my bed use to be really noisy (I think they had drug parties all the time). One night when I was trying to sleep for work, they played that Brandy & Monica song "That Boy is Mine" 10 times in a row 10 TIMES! I was so tired that night and had to get up early for work I was so not having it. I was almost going to go over there and shoot them I ended up just pounding on the wall shouting "for the love of god shut that shit off!" They have since been evicted/arrested/died I really don't know the new neighbors are so very quite. They have one baby but I never hear it except for that one Sunday morning when I woke up to someone singing alone with the Dora the Explore TV show. Despite the baby I think these neighbors can stay (once that kid makes too much noise they're outta here).

The girl that lives above me I only hear at 6:30 in the am. She is sort of my alarm. For a good 2 minutes she runs around her apartment in heavy clunky shoes looking for something I hear her run out or her apt then run out the building. My windows are right by the stoop so I even hear her clonking down the stairs and up the block. Other than that I never hear her so she can stay too.

The various kids that live on my block or in my hood spend their nights out on my stoop. Some nights I come home to my room smelling like bad pot. Other nights I have to hear them have these ridiculous conversations on how they are going to fuck some people up from the next block. Or how they scored with some slutty girl at their school. Or even them trying to start their rap careers 8 Mile look out - it's the W. H. yo! These kids bother me and I would love for them to go away but I really can't go out there and tell them to shut up I mean if did then they would figure out that my window was right there . I am sure they would end up throwing garbage in there when I'm not home. That's the last thing I want to come home too after my fun bus ride.

I see a few regular people in the hood but I don't speak to any of them. I have the guy that wears white and has a small yappy dog - the really hot guy from the subway (I still need to find out what block he lives on) - the Mormons - the new hippies that are trying to turn my hood into the next Williamsburg (HA!) - the cute drug dealer - the older Hungarian lady that use to dress like her sister (I think the sister has since past) and the pizza guy. OH and let's not forget every weekend we all get together to Merengue. Music blasting all night long WOOOOOO . It's like a party up here. You should stop by sometime. That's the north tip of Manhattan baby - Washington Heights (aka the W. H. yo!).

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