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Every day is Halloween

So in a nutshell this is what Halloween means to me:

Ages 1-12: My mother use to make those little Halloween bags filled with candy and cash. All the kids in the neighborhood that we knew got the "special" bags that usually had 2 more pieces of chocolate and a dollar. Everyone else got a few pennies and the chocolate that my sisters didn't like. Costumes that I can remember include Raggedy Ann, Princess, and a MAN baby (I looked just like my uncle it was scary).

Age 13: I was TERRIFIED of my Dad this year just because he wore this really scary mask and scares all the people that came to our house for treats. I had to get my mother to walk me around the house so he wouldn't scare me (he did anyway). I do not remember my costume this year but a good guess would be bed wetter (I was such the scardy pants).

Age 14-26: My folks haven't seen another trick or treat-er since the scary mask year. I think it's because the kids in my hood all grew up and decided to throw eggs. In high school I use to run home in my uniform just to avoid being egged (I always feared that urban legend with the eggs filled with Nair). The egg years in my hood were not fun ones. Costumes at this time included Raver, Chucky, Dead Mime, and Edina from AB FAB.

The last few years Halloween has been uneventful. Last year I went as wound girl I had gotten this plastic thing that looked like and open wound held together with safety pins I stuck it to my neck. I also was a crybaby and the evil alternate Kelly from another dimension (all you need for this costume is a soul patch).

This year my friends Julie & Dan are having a party. Originally I was going to get a set of LOTR bed sheets to wear as a toga and go as a dork playing LOTR at home complete with the sword and pony I got for my birthday. Last night I decided I was going as Kelly Osbourne instead. Tisha borrowed my bridesmaid dress and was going to be homecoming queen but the top doesn't fit right so she is going at the tooth fairy instead (I told her to carry a pair of pliers as her accessory). Michele is going as Michael Jackson in Thriller (she was so happy to find the Jacket for $13 online). Pat is just going to wear those glasses with the nose and mustache unless I can convince him to go as Ozzy or Jack Osbourne.

Oh and can I just say I LOVE this holiday. I even send out Halloween cards for Christmas (which reminds me I need to get to hallmark tomorrow for my cards).


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