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My baby is sick

My iPod is broken. Well maybe not broken but not working right now. I am not sure what happened. I know a few weeks ago I connected him to a MAC machine I know I shouldn't have since he was configured for Windows. Ever since then he has been acting a little strange. I bought my home computer all these updates to make it even more compatible. For about two hours things were going great . The iPod was wiped clean and reconfigured with the new setup. He was working like new only faster and I thought things were going to be all right. Then it was time to disconnect him and I am not sure what happened. He didn't want to seem to let go. The device drivers were giving me mixed messages and he just kept flashing the DO NOT DISSCONECT sign. What did I do wrong? I tried EVERYTING from reinstalling software to reverting to older versions. All I got was DO NOT DISSCONNECT message. Right now I have him disconnected and I am waiting for his battery to run out . Hopefully when I get re-powered he will be back to normal. Fingers crossed I won't have to take my baby in for repairs. I don't know how long I can go with a Discman since I have had the iPod. It's just not the same.

I know you people really don't care about my iPod problems . So I will leave you with this funny quote from the weekend the setup is me, T, Matt and Michele. We were talking about the show 24 and Matt was saying how this guy at his job got an advance copy of the first 3 episodes. Michele's quote of the week:

"That's so cool its like advanced time."

Good one Michele.

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