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Today is a good day . sort of

My baby is OK I know no one really cares but after I drained the battery on my iPod I was able to resurrect it from the dead. It is now functioning again and I am a happy person. I don't know what I would have done if he were not well today. I need my tunes to drown out the annoying people around me on my way to and from work.

I just got a very hateful email from a client today that is starting to make my eye twitch again. It's a new magazine I worked on just last month well it's coming back for the next issue and it's going to be HELL for the next 3 weeks . I can't wait to take some time off at the end of November. Hopefully by then my eye will stop twitching.

I am going to a Hockey game tonight, my first of the season. I know you should stay loyal to one team but Hockey is just too good to love one team (that and my home teams is sucking ass already). I follow the Rangers, the Stars and the Leafs. Tonight's game is the Rangers vs. the Stars I am really going to see my boy Zubie! he use to be a Ranger so it's OK to like him. I even have a #21 jersey when he was a Ranger. I am thinking of getting a #56 jersey just for the hell of it . Maybe I will cut them both in half and sew them together as half and half. (I hope you all know that I would never be THAT dorky!)

Tomorrow I am going to see the Supersuckers even though the show is in NEW JERSEY! . They ROCK too hard for me to care that I am crossing state lines to see them. Oh and I should be getting my copy of Tenacious D - The Complete Master Works DEEVEEDEE in the mail any day now. The things I do for ROCK.

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