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shopping makes it all better

Hello, my name is Kelly and I have a shopping problem.

Things I have purchased ONLINE in the last week: 1 pair of boots, 2 pairs of shoes, The Young Ones - Every Stoopid Episode DVD, Hairspray (the movie) Soundtrack, 2 Michael Palin books for my sister in Kuwait, The Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type book, 2 tops, 1 pair of pants, 5 panties, 4 bras, Tenacious D's new DVD and a NHL fleece throw.

Do I really need all of that? Probably not. Why do I shop? Because it makes me feel better. Why do it online? Because I hate the hassle of actual people crowding near me in the shops. Why now? Because work is stressing me out, it is that time of the year and I am looking for alternatives to drinking every night (not that this is a good one since I am spending even more money). I do need to get out of the house (but not into a bar) so what I really want to know is if anyone is interested in going to the Sonic Vision show at the American Museum of Natural History with me? I can buy the tickets online!

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