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Gift Bags can and should be FUN!

Within the past week, I have attended two magazine parties. One was for Budget Living (a lifestyle/fashion type magazine) holiday party the other was for ESPN the magazine (sports duh) celebrating their list of the "next" big thing. One had fun hors d'oeures like popcorn, fruit and cookies with warm chocolate dip, ham & cheese sandwiches, pigs in blanket, sky vodka (all flavors) and Twinkies. The other had food in a buffet style (not quite sure what they were offering because I went to dinner before), Smirnoff vodka (yuk), and the desserts were biscotti and tart type things. One had fun young people and 80's dance music the other had old sales people, some celebrities (although I didn't see any) and bad 90's hip-hop music. One was not pretentious and easy to get into the other had spotlights flooding the skyline and lots of hullabaloo. Can you see where I'm going with this?

Anyway one party had a KICK ASS gift bag the other had no gift bag at all. You know usually these magazine parties are just for the clients sort of like a big smooge fest. In addition, when they do have events for their readers the gift bags are almost always filled with crap. Crap like little sample things - one piece of gum or 2 packets of shampoo (you know the size only for ONE wash) or even coupons for X% off when you buy this shitty product we are trying to sell you because advertiser Z bought pages in our magazine. Oh and let's not forget the latest copy of our magazine. UGH! These bags are the WORST but I was so pleasantly surprised with the gift bag I got last week I just had to tell you all. Here is a list of items found in my holiday gift bag:

1 – 12oz bottle of Suave Body Wash (the moisturizing 2–in-1 kind)
1 – pair of plush Reindeer Antlers
1 – Reese's Peanut Butter Cup scented LIP GLOSS
1 – box of "Round Up" candy cigarettes
1 – lipstick by Sonia Kashuk in color "temptation"
1 – small pouch of Pop Rocks flavor "strawberry"
4 – SweetTarts lip balm (2 packs of 2) flavors "orange" and "cherry"
1 – small Whoopee Cushion – you know the kind that when someone sits on it, it emits a real Bronx Cheer.
1 – pack of 4 Key-cap's by Semk Design (the e suppose to have 2 dots on top) – I really wish I could find a link for these because they are funny as hell. Each key-cap has a picture on it to let you know what the key unlocks. I got the key-caps for "doggie style", "trash", "board meeting" and I think "unisex restroom". I'll show them to you next time I see you. They are funny; I just hope they fit my keys.
1 – Sassaby lipstick in color "dazzling date"
1 – candy necklace
1 – Wooly Willy keychain. You know him but in a keychain version.
1 – Oriental Trading Company Inc holiday catalog
and a few postcards about local artist that had art up at the event.

This Gift Bag ROCKED!

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