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The Shin Kicker

I am mad at myself because I cannot find my notes on this very subject - about 2 years ago a bunch of us use to go to Thursday night quiz thing regularly. At the time, I was taking an improv class and my sister and I were starting to talk about filming comedy shorts. The quiz crew usually consisted of a core 7 girls: Tisha, Michele, Nina, Natasha, Tricia, Jen, and I. I wanted to film a short that would have us, as would be crime fighters/fashion police, (mind you, this was way before the queer eye thing but basically the same idea). We each had a special power to either fight evil or fight evil fashion. We all wore black and strut down the street like a slow mode "reservoir dogs" with a little "sex in the city" attitude babes. Our theme music was something like "The Devil's Chasing Me" by the Reverend Horton Heat or something by Esquivel.

Each of our special powers were never really powerful except for Jen's and our fashion knowledge was solely based on what we would deem inappropriate for people to wear in public. In no particular order, here was the crew:
Natasha code name Geisha used her hand folding fans as weapons and can show you how to wear lipstick that would make the boys come back for more.
Nina code-name Betty she had this thing where when talking to you she would hypnotize you with the BIG eye little eye thing (I would really have to demonstrate it for you sometime it's a really good flirting technique too) oh and she can help you accessorize any outfit.
Michele code name Slam the Silencer whenever Michele was fed up with whatever you were saying or she is trying to get a word in she would just wave her hand over your mouth. It was a grab motion a la "I'm grabbing your voice" and it would instantly silence you she could also teach you some kick ass dance moves (her specialty the worm and the "thriller" dance).
Tisha code name Chicky for some reason she would fend off her assailants by clucking like a chicken then show you how to do 5 simple on-the-go hairstyles to keep you current and ever stylish.
Kelly (that's me) code name The Shin Kicker I use to only wear these long stretchy skirts all the time that would not let me lift my leg any higher then my opponents shins. I was a fierce shin kicker and I can give you a product MUST list to help you keep a well-groomed lifestyle.
Jen code-name Meg the Muscle Jen took boxing classes so well she was the ass kicker of the group. She always had your back and she could whip anyone into shape to get them to fit into their favorite jeans again.
Tricia code name Steamroller the most unique of the group Tricia would stop, drop and roll whenever in the face of danger, then proceed to roll over her attackers. Her fashion sense could help a fashion victim change their wardrobe from grunge chic to va va voom!

I totally forget what our name was . I am sure it had the number 7 in it. Maybe Lucky 7? Oh whatever I was the shin kicker man back off!

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