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the last day of my vacation

You would think that I would be sad that this is my last day of vacation but honestly I am not even though it has been cut by one day - tonight begins the Holiday party season. Who doesn't love a party? A party with free booze I may add. Tonight I am off to a party for Budget Living magazine (I use to freelance with them last year). Tomorrow I have gathered a group of ex-coworkers for my 2nd annual holiday party. This was the party I had last year where I asked everyone I use to work with to get me a job and well I got a job who knew networking actually worked? Friday's plans are to go to Nancy Whiskey Pub because I haven't been in weeks and I don't want Barry to forget me (oh and to drink my ass off). The robots should come out Friday I have a feeling it would be a good night for drinking. Saturday I am meeting my friend's baby in the afternoon then off to a tree trimming party in the evening . Sunday I work.

I once wrote about Office Parties and well my offer still stands for this year: Anyone out there need someone to accompany them to an office party? I am well-groomed, smart, interesting, and a whole lot of fun. I can usually keep my embarrassing moments to a minimum, I can refrain from pinching men's nipples (unless you want that), and I promise not to puke in front of other co-workers or clients. If you or someone you know might be interested in taking me an office party please contact me through the comments box. Thanks.

You know at the end of summer when you go back to school and the teacher asks you to write a report on what you did on your vacation. Half of me feels that I have failed my report because I did not organize all my photos into albums or clean out the mounds of boxes of crap I have stored over the past 15 years. The other half knows I applied for a new passport and new NY State ID card (both have expired), finished knitting 2 of 4 scarves, gave one scarf away, visited some old friends, spent time at home watching Hockey and tended to a cold that will no doubt make me miserable at work tomorrow. Maybe failed isn't the right word to use I just hope I can tackle those boxes and photos before the year is up. I want to start fresh and new in 2004.

And speaking of 2004 has anyone made plans for New Years Eve? This is by far the worst night for me because I refuse to pay money for a shitty party and everywhere you go it's packed with drinking amateurs! I don't want to be suck in a crowded room with annoying drunk people that will eventually puke on me or make out next to me really loudly (it has been done). The only good thing to come out of Dec 31 2003 is that my train station is re-opening after being closed for 6 months for renovation. It had better look damn good.

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