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the weekend, getting sick and being a uber dork

So Friday night I went to the movies with a friend. Went to see the last Matrix and I am still not sure why since we both knew it would be crap and it was. Afterwards I stopped by Tower to get the new Reverend Horton Heat LIVE DEE-VEE-DEE. I needed to watch something good to balance myself from that horrible movie I stayed up watching the Rev and that Tenacious D complete masterworks DEE-VEE-DEE while knitting. It worked - I feel so much better now about the whole night. And if anyone asks there was only ONE Matrix movie, (these last two should be put away and never shown again).

Saturday I felt like I was getting a cold I had every intention on going out and getting some shopping done but I ended up staying in and watching movies including the extended version of the LOTR: Two Towers and a bad Crispin Glover movie called "Bartleby". Sad really I totally wanted to go to Atlantic City or even Mohegan Sun but I stayed in and started taking Quil (night/day it didn't matter).

Sunday I woke up with intentions of meeting some friends for brunch but I spent most of my morning paying bills and balancing my checkbook. I went shopping in the afternoon and got home in time to watch the Rangers/Leafs and the Stars/Kings games. Got to LOVE the Hockey!

My cold doesn't seem to want to go away I think I need to go out and get some drink in me and knock this right out anyone want to take tomorrow off to go drinking in the afternoon?

Today I got up and finished knitting my first scarf (sure, I finished another one 3 months ago but that one I had started 2nd). I started knitting this one back in January when Liz taught me the joys of knitting. I need to finish another one this week for one of my co-workers then I will be down to one left to finish. Yeah I was trying to multi task and knit 4 scarves at the same time (I'm not that talented).

I'm on day 7 of my vacation and as you can see, I got a lot accomplished . is it sad that I actually miss work? WHAT AM I SAYING!!! I lie I don't miss work I miss the plans I usually make while at work to go drinking after work. Yes, that's it . I'd have to be MAD (mad used in the British slang way) to miss work.

Oh and the dork part well I just ordered my tickets for the midnight showing of LOTR: The Return of the King on Dec 16th. My friends Michele and Tisha usually tease the hell out of me about being such the LOTR fan. I'm not going to hear it this time Tisha is going with me so I'm not the only dork in the group. HA!

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