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fat cow
Damn! What a turkey day I had. My cousin and her husband, both whom are from Ireland, cooked a wonderful feast today. First, let me back track .

Yesterday (day 2 of my possible 10 days off) I did absolutely nothing. Well I did save another 1,000 songs to my computer to download onto my iPod - but that was not my original plan I was suppose to go shopping before the big rush tomorrow. I was up until almost 5am saving music. Bands I have added to the iPod yesterday include: Neil Diamond, Jamiroquai, New Order, Patsy Cline, Elvis, Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid, Hole, The Mama's and The Papa's, The Monkees, Louis Prima, The Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, Cake Like, Marvin Gaye, Skatalites, Meatloaf, Perez Prado, Massive Attack, Porno for Pyros, The Stubborn All-Stars and The White Stripes. I am now up to about 4,000 songs. I still need to save the rest of my indie, ska, punk and brit pop albums but that job I will save for Christmas.

I got up just after 12pm today shower, shaved and shined. With a bottle of raspberry vodka in hand, I headed to my cousins. She had a lovely spread of appetizers - spinach pastry things, stuffed mushrooms, veggies with dip, hummus with pitas, and cheese and crackers. My sister Patti brought over her pork dish that had this great pepper sauce, my mother brought the honey ham, and my sister Kathy brought 3 pies and a birthday cake for my father (18th) and Patti (29th). I think my cousin's husband did most of the cooking and I was quite impressed since they are Irish and do not celebrate this holiday normally. They had juicy turkey, green beans, small red and yellow potatoes (almost like mini potatoes), stuffing, corn, turnips, parsnips with carrots mushed together (don't ask I think it's and Irish thing my mother loves it) and 2 types of gravy.

My five nieces (ranging in ages from 193) were all there today. The younger ones were just too much lots of running around and yelling. Main reason I brought that bottle of vodka. However, today is a day of Thanks and well I am thankful for the good people at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company for making a great product called EXCEDRIN and for the good people at Allied Domecq Spirits USA for distributing that glorious nectar Razberi Stoli without the two of them I don't know how I would survive these family functions.

OK so after eating some appetizers, dinking about 2 pints of vodka tonics and hiding outside away from the children dinner was served. I should have stopped there but soon after dinner, the coffee was made and the birthday cake came out. No one ate the birthday cake because the two youngest kids put their hands in it so we all ate pie. Again, I should have stopped at the dinner - but who can resist pie. Pie and coffee with Bailey's! It was only 6pm and man, you could have stuck a fork in me because I was DONE! I rolled my fat ass upstairs and lay down because I thought I was going to be sick. About a half an hour later, the kids found me. I should have gone for a walk instead I just moved from room to room avoiding the children until it was time for me to leave. I got home in time to roll my ass in front of the TeeVee to catch the last period of the Leafs/Thrashers game. I laid there drinking water trying not to feel like such a fat cow. It's been seven hours now and I still feel like I have swallowed a baby whole. I might just jump on my treadmill for an hour before I go to bed.

Oh and day 3 and so far, it just feels like a 3-day weekend . Come Sunday I would have settled into this vacation nicely. I just might take pony's advice and get a facial and not the kind Chris is thinking of (you dirty boy). AC or now Mohegan Sun might be in my future for Saturday as I was trying to get my sister and her husband to go with me. If not I might just hop on a plane and get the hell out of dodge even if it's only for 3 days. San Francisco? Arizona? Texas? Anything's possible.

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