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So I finally got some time off from work . I might even get my full 10 days in a row (fingers crossed) if it doesn't get too busy next week I at least know I have seven right now and I am happy about that.

The last time I had this much time to myself was back when I was unemployed earlier this year . I had big plans back then just as I do for my 10 days off. I want to get all my photos into albums (been meaning to do that for years now); I want to clean out some boxes of old school books and junk I have collected over the years (that has been on my list since I renovated my room about 7 years ago) and I want to get all my music onto my computer so I can get it into my iPod. Will any of this get done probably not but you know at least I thought about it.

Day one of my vacation I get up at 8am (note to self: don't do that again). I took a nice much-needed bubble bath and pampered my feet. AHH vacations you got to love them. I got dressed and met my friend T for lunch. As I was sitting in the restaurant waiting for her, I noticed two men across the room they are clients of mine on this new magazine that I have been having problems with (and reason why my vacation may be cut short). I hid behind my menu until T showed up thankfully, they didn't see me. I stopped by Aveda and picked up some pampering items then took the bus home. I had a dentist appointment at 6pm my dentist is two block from my house. Is it weird that I call my dentist by his first name? I mean I when I was younger his dad was my dentist so to me his dad was Dr. Alterman. Do you call you dentist by his/her first name?

So day one down, I had a good lunch, I have some new products and my teeth are clean. Tonight I'm gonna stay up and watch a movie (I'm wild!). The next couple of days I will be doing the family thing. My cousin (who is from Ireland) will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner so that will be interesting. Her folks are visiting too so it will be fun I just wish my sister was back from Kuwait for it.

Other than that, I have no plans unless someone wants to go to AC with me in the next week I have an itching to blow some money on the craps table. Anyone?

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