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since yesterday

begun Wednesday November 21, 2003:

4:45am first alarm goes off (radio only)

5:15am second alarm goes off (buzzer)

5:35am get out of bed and shower, shave, shine

6:50am breakfast: vanilla/almond special K leave home for jury duty

8:15am arrive at 111 center street to report to jury duty

9:05am get out of jury duty till March 20004

9:40am get to work. get coffee, chat about morning then eventually work

12:43pm bitch about job and decide on lunch

2:57pm go get lunch

3:17pm plan on being at the Russian Vodka Room (aka RVR) at 5:24 pm

5:13pm plan to leave work in 10 minutes

5:34pm plan to leave work in the next second

5:43pm just 15 more minutes I'll get out of work

6:33pm pissed off about being stuck at work (reminder to buy flask for work)

6:48pm leaving work try to get Tricia to out of for a drink

7:15pm waited 15 min off the clock for Ticia left and caught a cab

7:25pm called in order for apple martini at RVR

7:42pm arrived at RVR after running a block because I couldn't take traffic anymore

9:13pm after four apple martini's and a chicken blintz later go to Roseland to see The White Stripes

9:25pm White Stripes come on stage

10:29pm ass is completely blown away and I am 20 feet from Jack White's penis

10:50pm show's over and I am a happy girl - meet Matty and friends over at Ye' Ol' triple Inn

11:45pm after two beers and meeting 6 new friends (but the only names I can remember are the two boys - Brian and Brian) - I leave for home.

12:03am go to 50 street subway and find out it's closed get a cab home

1:09am get home, smoke a little take off bra and sit at computer

2:27am over an hour of chatting with HC on AIM and writing this post really must go to bed

3:04 actual time I went to bed I'm pooped - talk to you kids in the morning

there was other funny shit I am suppose to say here but I'm too stoned to care right now. Regretting this post already!


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