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better than last year but still a little disappointing

I really hate NYE. Last year was just the pits this year was slightly better but still not the best. Up until 5:14pm yesterday, I was still unsure what to do for NYE. Tisha, Tricia and I spent two days talking about what we were going to do. The best plan would have been dinner at Dok Suni and drinks at the Russian Vodka Room however, both places were closed on NYE. I vowed I did not want to spend the evening at any party in which "Bob" (this horrible ex-co-worker from last years party) would be in/near/invited to/or actually within 10 miles of. I wasn't going to drink vodka tonics because at last years party I drank too many and was turned off them for 5 months. I didn't want to spend it with any of my gay friends because last years NYE kiss was from my gay friend and well I think it cursed me for the year. I mean I hardly met any cute, straight, single men this year (where have they all gone?).

Tisha got out of work at 3pm and came up to Tricia and my office to discuss the plans for the night. I would have been happy had I gone home and watch the Dallas/Montreal hockey game then go out to meet them after the midnight hour. Other options were:

1) training it up to Boston to hang with Honky Cracker, Mr. Xls and Q-Dogg - this option seemed quite pricey and I needed to be back by noon the next day since I had to be at my cousins' house at 2:30pm for dinner.

2) training (or busing) it down to Atlantic City - this option seemed fun at the time and I may have been into it except training was not that much cheaper than going to Boston and busing it would have just been annoying. Besides, I didn't have the extra $500 to blow on the tables I would need.

3) training it to Philly just checked into this since I was on the Amtrak site thought it could have been fun but realized we don't really know anyone there or what to do for the night.

4) going to Tricia's house to watch some bad movies/DVDs like "The Pit" or "The Office: season 1" and drinking boxed wine this option would have been ok with me since I didn't want to be home but I also was afraid of spending it with Tricia's roommate. She just bought this Karaoke machine and well I wasn't in the mood to hear bad singing (mostly from myself).

5) going to see LoTR: RoTK at 10pm or 11 pm so we wouldn't be aware that the new year was going on and we can pretend the night wasn't happening.

Bitter and Jaded are exactly the words to describe the three of us and we really were in no mood to deal with crowds, high priced parties or drunks. We ended up going to this bar near my job that had this cute bartender. We had only been there once before back in mid-November and he actually remembered us. They were having a party (@ $125 a head) so we didn't stay there long. We left and went to Blockheads for dinner then headed down to the Nancy Whiskey Pub to spend NYE with Barry the best bartender in all of NYC. Tisha played some depressing songs on the jukebox and Tricia had her cell phone practically attached to her ear.

I was happy not to be home but sad as I sat there and reflected back on my year. The ups getting a job, meeting some great new people (including some robots), learning to knit (and finishing 7 scarves), new babies, great shows/concerts/hockey games and going out with friends (who for the most part are a fun bunch). I really have no downs for the year besides missing my sister and her husband (both are in the service). Sister Michelle was deployed to Kuwait back in January (looks like she will be back in April 2004 fingers crossed) and Brother-in-law Brian was stationed in Germany this year and now will be deployed to Iraq this March. He was home here for Christmas, it was great to see him. I just wish them both and the other soldiers out there a safe return.

So the new year came in as quietly as I wanted. I didn't call anyone at the stroke of midnight, as I usually do. Apologies to my cousin and the kids out in San Francisco who I usually call at midnight and then again at 3am (not sure but maybe they are thankful). I thought of a few resolutions for 2004 but I don't think I will share them here since I will inevitably break them, never finish them or never do them in the first place. Ok except for the one I have about drinking. I did say a few post ago that I was going to be off the drink for 4 months (not including Feb 5th 8th) and I am sticking to it. I savored every drink I had last night. Over the course of the night I had about 9 Corona's, 1 Lemon Drop shot, 3 Jagermeister shots, 1 Bailey's & Coffee and ended the evening with a Guinness. It was a nice way to end it for a while, not too drunk and not on the verge of puking but don't worry kids I don't plan to be bitter and jaded this year despite what Tisha says. Happy Happy 2004!

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