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the Hockey season report

My brother-in-law got me into Hockey back in the late 80's. Back when The Islanders were no longer winning cups and the Rangers were actually kicking ass again. I immediately embraced this sport just for the on ice fights and the hot hockey players. I love this sport because it's fast and usually low scoring. Sorry boys but I think it's just a bit more challenging to play Hockey than any other sports out there I mean football teams play what 16 games a season when Hockey is pushing 80 and they are played on ICE. Basketball is not very interesting until the last 5 minutes it's usually back and forth you score 2 points I score 2 points nonsense and where are the fights? Tennis talks too much about love and there is NO physical contact. How the hells are they suppose to fight? Soccer is good even though it's not on ice, you still can get some good collisions . Maybe a cleat to the face? Oh and those soccer boys are HOT in their shorty shorts!

I am now following 3 NHL teams: The NY Rangers, The Dallas Stars and The Toronto Maple Leafs. NY Rangers are the home team, The Stars because they have Zubov (my favorite player since 1993) and the Leafs because they have Domi (former Ranger who use to kick ass). I bought an NHL fleece throw this year and even bought the Hockey package on my cable service so I can catch all the games. Since I am on the wagon (day 6 and going strong), I will be home more often to watch them. The season is getting interesting now because games are starting to really matter. Both the Stars and the Rangers are struggling to stay within playoff positions (right now they are 8th and 9th places respectively in their division; you need to be 8 or better to get in the playoffs). The only team that is doing really well are the Leafs (#1 in the Eastern Conference). I think it's because they have Belfour now, but that is just my opinion.

Things that need to happen: Rangers need to get a better coach (maybe they should have talked to Mike Keenan isn't he available again?) and clean out some of the dead weight on the team (I don't want to name names here). The Stars need to get "IT" back they had "IT" last year I'm really not sure what they did with "IT" this year. Maybe Darryl Sydor took "IT" with him but that wouldn't make sense since Columbus is sitting at #15 (of 15) in the Western Conference. And it couldn't be the Ducks (the team that beat them in the playoffs last year) because they are at #13.

Oh well I shouldn't get annoyed yet since it's only the halfway point of the season. Many things will happen between now and April. I just hope all my teams make it to the playoffs!


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