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four score and five years ago ....

God I'm old.

That is all I can think for this post because I have been racking my brain all day trying to remember what the hell I did 5 years ago. The bits that I can remember well let's see: I was working at Wenner Media as the Advertising Services Assistant Manager. I had a crush on one of the sales reps I worked with. I just about finished growing all the dye out of my hair (embracing the fact that I was 70% grey) and I was planning on taking my first trip to San Francisco to visit two friends I hooked up together (back then I was a big time yenta). I was going to see Stella on a regular basis (or as regular as their shows were). I was a regular at 7B, Rocky Sullivan's, and Swift. I think I was reading Sparkle Hayter's Robin Hudson Series, this is where I got the name cootie girl. Tisha was a new friend at the time. The first time I actually spoke to her was in the bathroom at work; I had asked her where she got her sweater and then told her I was stalking the boys from The State (I joke about the stalking I don't do that). Michele was friends with Tisha and Tricia started working at Wenner later that year. . My friends now all say they were all afraid of me before they knew me I still don't know why. I was contemplating getting my 19th piercing that year (a Daith in my left ear, which I took out 2 years later and replaced with a conch). This year I was actually thinking about taking out my earrings (currently I have 15) but I just spent 30 min looking at piercings online to get the name of the one I took out and now I want more. OK I must stop I'm too old for that nonsense now I'm gonna be 33 this year for Christ sake! WOW, It's already past 1am, I must get to bed (I told you I was old granny like if you will) if I think of more I will add it on tomorrow.

BTW Happy 5th Anniversary Robots! (Did you know the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is wood the modern is silverware, Rich take your pick.) OH and Happy Birthday to Tim, Erik, Rich and PONY (all this week right?).

Viva le robots!

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