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Iíve cheated

I feel so guilty. Yesterday I went and got my hair cut at a new place. I cheated on my hairdresser of 9 years and went to a totally new place where all of the workers speak English as a second language. All was fine and dandy, until the guy asked me if I wanted to dye my hair because the grey makes me look old. I was so offended since it took me about 3 years to finally grow all the dye out of my hair and live with the natural grey I have. Hell, I even buy that purple old lady shampoo to make it shine whiter and brighter. I have embraced my grey hair and have been living with it for the past 4 years. I dyed it for 12 years before and it was every shade of color. The upkeep on my hair then was horrible since I had white roots within 2 weeks. I didn't want to bother with that anymore so I let it grow out. I still have a young face and I don't care that I am 70% grey on top - I'm still young damn it (even though most of the time I feel like a granny).

The new place was midtown and on the east side where as my hairdresser's place is in the village on the west side. I don't think anyone saw me there and I don't think the workers would ever mix with the ones from downtown so I think I am safe. I just wonder if my hairdresser would notice. Can I go back to him now that I have cheated on him? Or am I to spend the rest of my days hiding from him and avoiding the shop at all cost. I am a little concerned since I also get my facials at my hairdressers joint. Do I only go there on days he is off? What is the protocol on things like this? I mean I am sort of tight with my hairdresser Ė he does send me Christmas cards and I have hung out with him outside the shop. I'm screwed right. I just need to find a new hairdresser and start over. Maybe one of those people that do those old lady bouffant hairdos. Do you think I can bring back the beehive on my own?

On a side note, tomorrow I am off to Disney. I had asked Michele to give me her Grammy picks since we will not be back until Sunday afternoon. She didn't have time to write them so maybe I will post them when we get back. I should probably go pack now. It's after midnight and my plane leaves at 10am. I have no idea what to bring and have nothing put into my bag. OH and I was sober for 35 days, tonight I had 3 orange saketinis. I plan to drink for the next 4 days. I'm back on the wagon come Sunday night. Wish me luck!

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