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Disney Continued ....

Day 2 at Disney was very long and it started to get a bit chilly by the end of the night. Tricia and I jumped out of the pool and ran straight to our rooms. I took a hot shower to warm up and went right to bed. The next morning Jim left the 4th floor crew to their devices and decided to join Tricia and me. We didn't realize until we got downstairs that he wanted to do that character brunch again. After literally running to catch the monorail (which we missed) to go to this brunch that wasn't even that good I was already done for the day. I didn't want to deal with another day with the kids but I braved it out and we headed over to the Magic Kingdom (tip #4 this is the busiest park and it has more families that means more kids you might want to avoid this if you don't like kids). We bee-lined over the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the ride itself was pretty lame but we did get to sing "yo ho ho a pirates life for me" a few times and I swear two of those pirate puppets winked at me. It was a little creepy. Especially that last group of pirates there is this one guy positioned with his legs over the back and shoulders of another pirate and well they look like they are doing something not so Disney-esq. They should really update that ride with some cardboard cutouts of Johnny Depp. After the P.O.T.C., we quickly rode Splash Mountain and the runaway train rollercoaster. We went over to go on Space Mountain as well but it was a 60 min wait and someone had already told us that the rock n roll rollercoaster was 10 times better so we passed and got the hell out of that park before the afternoon parade began.

We went back to MGM to ride T.O.T. and R-n-R Coaster again. We met up with the other crew at this point it was late afternoon and it seemed like gangs of cheerleaders were overrunning the park. There was some sort of cheerleading competitions going on at Disney, which just made me that much more annoyed. The lines were longer and the weather wasn't getting any warmer. Claudia was going back to the hotel so we asked her if she could pickup our jackets sine we were meeting later for dinner at Epcot. Jim left with her. The four of us in a park full of annoying teens - what a combination. We learned a new word that day "hazels" which apparently mean ringlets (as in all the cheerleaders had their hair done in these cuppie doll ringlets which is the only thing I can think of that these people were referring too as hazels). "Girls put your hoods on we need you to protect your hazels, we are not paying for new ones." The life of a cheerleader must be tough (tip #5 protect your hazels at all cost).

So we got to ride the R-n-R coaster two more times and even purchased the photo of us in our best rock star pose. (I'll see if I can get rich to post it when I scan it in - it is quite funny). So the last ride of the night at MGM was T.O.T. and well I must admit I was really scared to go back on. We get all the way up to the part where they are about to let you on the elevator when I have a bit of a panic attack and really need to have to pee. I thought if I waited until the ride was over, I would be too late. I quickly asked the bellhop if I could get off the line to potty and T, Michele and Tricia all thought I was joking. Dude I really had to go and the people there were really nice about it. They let us off the ride to do our business and then took us back up through the back way right back to the ride when we were done. I know I will probably never hear the end of this story but man if I had wet myself on the ride the slagging would be 10 times worse. We had to wait at the exit of the ride so we saw first hand the people getting off the ride. There was one guy that was just sitting there with his mouth gapping open in shock. Everyone got out of his car except him. I think he needed help it was very funny but then again that would be me in just a few minutes. We get right back onto the ride and back to the car, which we left. Only this time were sitting in the front row. I am pretty sure I was hyperventilating when it was all over but at least I was dry.

We headed over to Epcot in search of dinner. Jim and Claudia were to meet us there. Once we got into the park, we convinced Tisha to ride Mission Space. It was really cold at this point and I was looking forward to getting my jacket. When we got off the ride, we found out that Jim left his pass for the park at the hotel and Tisha couldn't get him a new one with her pass (this totally sucked because there was only about 45 min left in the park and I so wanted to go on the Norway ride again). We all left and decided to go get dinner in Downtown Disney. Tisha had her travel book with her and we saw that the Cheesecake Factory had an express resturant in Downtown Disney. We were so hungry and cold at this point we ran right over to the building where the Cheesecake Factory is suppose to be only to find that it was in a building with a ride and you needed the damn pass to go in. I almost walked in and left Jim out in the cold but we didn't and instead went to eat at Planet Hollywood. Not the best place to eat when a cheerleading group is in the vicinity. I wanted to swallow razorblades or slash myself with my dull butter knife. The restaurant had this annoying DJ that was loud and bad. The cheerleaders started doing this spirit conga line throughout the restaurant-dance-cheer-thing, which got old fast. It was really sad to watch them all try and do the Y.M.C.A. dance when you know none of them were even born in the same decade the song came out. UGH (tip #6 never go places where there are cheerleaders).

After dinner I just wanted to head back to the hotel and drink off that bottle of vodka I brought with me (I was going back on the wagon that Monday and I didn't want to carry it back to NYC). Jim wanted to go back to the Cheesecake Factory for desert but I am glad no one gave him their park passes. I mean it was his fault we didn't eat there in the first place so no cheesecake for him. I think he ended up getting the tied dyed cheesecake from our hotel cafeteria. The bus ride back to the hotel was spent making fun of Jim in his shorts and leather jacket (topper was that the jacket had these 80's shoulder pads in it). We started calling him the Fonz and another passenger sad "AAAAAA" under his breather but some of us heard him and I couldn't stop laughing. I would say, at that point, we were as obnoxious as the cheerleaders. Our last night in Disney was spent drinking and watching this bad lifetime movie I missed the end but you know with all lifetime movies they are so predictable.

The next morning we got up and out and I had one last coffee with Bailey's before our ride back to the airport. We were early for our flight so we were able to have breakfast/lunch (some beers) before the flight. None of us was sitting next to each other on the way back but that was OK since we were all passed out the trip home. I got a ride home from Tisha's parents and immediately called in sick for that Monday. I needed a day to recoup from my weekend with Fonzie and the girls (tip #7 always factor in an extra day to your vacation - it helps with getting yourself back into your 9-5 life and gives you time to do your vacation laundry). I had a fun 3 days down in Disney but I don't think I would go back anytime soon (getting into the parks for free made it that much better). The whole time I was down there, I kept wondering how my sister loved it so much (you know she eloped down there and she is going back with her kids in a few months). Her kids are too small to enjoy T.O.T or R-n-R coaster. She really should wait until they are above the 4'5" height requirement.

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