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I知 mad mad mad

I felt like shit on Sunday and I'm not all that happy today either. I went off the wagon Saturday night and had 5 beers and 1 shot of jagermiester. I didn't have that hung-over shitty feeling but I did have that catholic guilt - "I did a bad thing and I don't know why I am feeling bad about it" - feeling. I am mad I broke my promise to myself. On Sunday I could feel the alcohol coursing through my body as I tried to work but I guess I was even more bummed because I was actually AT WORK.

There is a reason why I feel off the wagon, and it's not a good one. My sister is going on vacation with her family to Ireland and she asked if I would house/dog sit for her while she is away. Friday night I went out with some friends to hear Jim DJ at one of his favorite bars and didn't get home until 11pm. I stayed up till about 3am doing laundry so I would have cloths for the week out at my sister's house. I overslept Saturday and spent the late afternoon packing and getting stuff together for the week. My suitcase was packed to the gills because I have a lot of crap and didn't know what to pack. I finally got out of my apt around 6pm and headed via the subway out to Queens. My sister lives in Forest Hills about 15 blocks to the nearest train station. My bag was heavy and I was all annoyed that I had to trek all the way out there on my only day off this week to house/dog sit. Two hours later I get to the house I quickly feed the dog and take her out for a walk. I had made plans to go out with Pat, Zori and Tricia that night and I was already behind with my schedule. I left my sister's house and walked the 15 blocks to the train when I was 1 block away from the train I realized I left my wallet back at the house. I hopped on the bus back and got my wallet and walked back to the train. It is now 9:45 and I am mad at myself for 1) agreeing to house/dog sit and 2) spending what is suppose to be my quiet relaxing day running around. I finally made it to Dublin 6 by 10:45 and well with such the shitty day I needed a drink. I probably would have been ok with cranberry and seltzer but I said fuck it and had a beer. I brought everyone valentines candy, Pat got valentine Swedish fish, Zori, Tricia, Amanda, Gilles and Barry got valentine chocolates in small heart-shaped boxes. I got a box of chocolates from Zori, Gilles played my favorite songs and some drunken English boy told me if he had a Valentines Card he would give it to me. I accepted his imaginary valentines card and headed back to Queens. The commute to my sisters is almost the same as to my house but it seems a little longer because it's not part of my daily routine. I got home by 3:30 and didn't get to sleep until 4 only to wake up 2 1/2 hours later to go to work.

I hate working on Sundays but I hate it 137 times more when it's a holiday Sunday. I was so tired I went home and walked/feed the dog and went to bed. I get a call at 10:11pm from Paul (my sister's husband's best friend) who also has a set of keys to the house and probably would be house/dog sitting if I weren't. I should have just said no to my sister then I wouldn't be as annoyed as I am now. Paul called to see if I was taking care of the dog (thanks for waking me up) and to tell me he would be by on Wednesday for the cable guy. He called back 10 min later to tell me that there was some girl at the bar he works at that works at my old company and she knows me. I was half asleep and completely annoyed again, why the fuck did I agree to this. It's now Monday afternoon and I am sitting at work alone. I am leaving shortly and going back to Queens to have a lovely meal at the 5 Burros.

I am hoping the rest of my week will be better and I will be less annoyed with the whole house/dog sitting. I love pets really I do I just now know that I could never have a dog or a cat as a pet. I use to have a cat when I was a kid and she was lovely but for me now as an adult I don't like having the responsibility to be home to walk/feed/take care of another creature and don't get me started on all the hair. Maybe I'm too selfish or maybe I just like having the freedom to do what I like when I like. I hope I haven't offended the pet lovers out there. I do love pets I just don't think I could have one. Don't hate.

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