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10 things to do in Denver before you die.

1) Stay at the Westin Tabor Center Hotel in downtown Denver. They have this thing called the "heavenly" bed and the "heavenly" shower. Yes it was "heavenly"!

2) Eat, drink, play pool or see a comedy show at the Wynkoop Brewery. May I suggest the artichoke & parmesan dip served with their own homemade beer bread toasted with melted garlic butter and the Two Guns Pilsner (mmm mmm good).

3) Catch a show at the Bluebird Theater. Tricia tells me this theater use to be a porn theater but now host the coolest shows in town. The outside markee reminds me of the old days when 42nd street was cool (and not Disneyified). We got to see the Supersuckers BIG SHOW there last Friday and it was awesome! The Suckers RAWK!

4) Have a drink at the PS Lounge just down the block from the Bluebird. The owner's name is Pete and he will make sure you get a house shot (Alabama Slammer) and a rose. Not only does this bar look like a cross between a 70's ski lodge and you neighbors basement bar it is also connected to Enzo's pizza parlor. Pizza and beer what more could a person need!

5) Ride the free electric bus up and down 16th street. This street apparently holds most of the shopping stores any tourist would want to go to including the trading post shops where I got my dream catcher and turquoise jewelry. OK so this street could be a little ghetto at times but I enjoyed it especially brunch at Sonic.

6) Drop the F-bomb a lot. Really, like Disney this word is not said often in Denver and just sounds more fun when people look at you all offended and shit. Maybe that is just me sorry but I have a mouth like a sailor I can't help it.

7) Take a Grey Line tour of the mountains nearby. If you are lucky enough you will have Chris Lancaster as your tour guide (he's a funny funny man). It was sort of surprising the see the Red Rock amphitheatre up close. Empty it doesn't look as big as it is I'm a little disappointed with myself that I didn't go on stage and check out the view from the other side.

8) Take a special trip to the Buffalo Bill museum and grave on Lookout Mountain. What you look out onto the Coors Brewery of course. The top of this mountain reached somewhere over 7,400 feet high and boy did I feel it. This museum also host a temporary exhibit called "Boot Hill: Cowboy Boots on Lookout Mountain" boots from such famous people as Dolly Parton, Liberace, Joan Jet, Ronald Reagan and Hopalong Cassidy. Get there soon because this exhibit is only there until November 2004. OH but the best part of this stop was the homemade fudge I got at the museum shop. Mmmmmmm fudge!

9) Tour the Coors Brewery although I did not do this I have been told you get free samples at the end of the tour. I drove past this 6 mile long brewery and well I'm not a fan of the Coors beer so felt it was of no importance for me to go ... but there really isn't much else to do in Denver so this made the list.

9.5) Or try skiing, snowboarding or any other activities that can be had on the snowy mountain tops of the Colorado Rockies. Not that I am a skier or snowboarder hell I was sad the Snow Cap Mountains were so far away. I couldn't even take pictures of them because the whole weekend the weather was partly cloudy with scattered showers. You know the mountains really aren't located IN Denver so maybe this shouldn't be on the list ...

10) Check out the band the Railbenders. Described as a Denver based honky tonk outfit whose sound is hard core and hell raising. They sing songs about boozin', lovin' & losin', livin' hard & partyin' hard and yep, even trains. They ended up playing two songs with the Supersuckers (at the BIG SHOW) then an additional after show concert with the band at Benders. I was too lame and tired to go to Benders after the BIG SHOW I am reading posts about it now and kicking myself that I should have gone. They seem to put on a kick ass show and I missed it because I am a lame old lady.

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