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boobies, a mime and apple pie

Are all things I saw tonight on my train ride home from work.

Yes I saw boobies on the train! Yeah just hanging out for everyone to see ... almost like Tara Reid but not quite, I mean this woman had a baby attached to hers. I actually think it's quite inappropriate to feed your baby on the train in public view of everyone (especially when said baby is over one). I mean I understand the child is hungry and must eat whenever but honestly I don't think mothers should just be whipping their jugs out like it's no big deal. You can at least be a little discreet about it, especially on a NYC train. Why not use a burp cloth? Just throw it over your shoulder so you're not showing the world your tits are enormous! Granted the whole time I am sitting across from this woman I was like man all the boys on the robot would be like "yay for boobies!" Oh and her baby looked weird it was a girl (so I think by its thrift dress and stripped stockings) but her hair was cut like an old balding man (a little bit like Ben Franklin). It was sort of funny strange.

As I sat there and knitted I was distracted again by a man in white pants. OK first of all he was wearing white after Labor Day but I will let that go apparently not so much of a faux pas anymore. Secondly he also had a pair of white shoes and a black and white stripped long sleeve polo shirt. I swear he was a mime on his way home from a hard day of miming in the park. He was giving me the creeps but that might be because I was trying to picture him in mime makeup and a beret.

Where does the apple pie fit into all of this? ... Well a man got on the train around 96th street with a clear grocery bag in it, a fresh apple pie. I really wasn't too hungry until I saw that (I mean I had been snaking on junk food all day). If he had a pint of Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream I might have tackled him for some pie al la mode. What a way to start the week: seeing a stranger's boobies, picturing a man in mime makeup and almost tackling someone for pie. It's going to be a good week I can tell.

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