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NO Fuck You America!

Had I written this post Tuesday night at 1am it would have been a raving rant littered with loads of profanity. I was flipping the channels between 5 news networks all with different results and all discussing the most inane topics through their delirium. I know now is not the time for me to be standing on my little soap box but if I don't get this out I am just going to explode. In my head I knew that Bush was going to win in my heart I wish it had gone otherwise. I woke up Wednesday morning as if I was hit with heavy pillows the whole night. I was sad, angry, grumpy, disturbed, infuriated, pissed, dumbfounded, shocked, awed, disheartened and defeated.

I know why America voted Bush back in office it's all because of fear. It was drilled into our heads from the moment the planes hit the towers, America was gripped with fear. We couldn't be cowards as a country we had to fight war was inevitable to show everyone we were still strong, still mighty, when deep down in our hearts we were sitting and waiting in fear. Fear brought most people back into prayer- back to a faith which may have been an afterthought just before we were attacked. So actually it's two things fear and faith.

I was blinded like many New Yorkers in thinking that although this election would be close the Democrats would still win the popular vote and the seat in the white house because right now we are in a need for change. I thought the "October Surprise" would have been the capture of Osama bin Laden but then I thought WHY. If Osama had been caught then America wouldn't be in fear. Fear is what Bush counted on honestly even former Mayor Ed Koch said he was supporting Bush solely for the reason that he feels Bush is doing a good job with national security. Fine I get it, I'm a New Yorker I live and work in the city with the big red X on it. What I don't get it the family in Middle America who lost their jobs are just getting buy without proper health care so fucking worried about? It's not like the terrorist are going to hit their house. They should be worried about their crazy neighbors like Ted Kazinski, the KKK, Timothy McVeigh or David Koresh (just to name a few the few we caught or know about I am sure there are plenty more out there).

But that is not what is bothering me the most about this whole re-election. I mean I am a Libra I get the two sides - I can see where some points each candidate made are worthy for consideration. What gets me is the whole use of the word GOD. God and therefore the "faith" which seems to be (what I think) is the real reason Bush was re-elected. Now I have been force feed the catholic religion from the day I was born. I went to catholic school I was forced to go to church on Sundays. I have performed (is that the right word?) all of my sacraments (yes my confirmation name really is Sebastian). And as an adult I have come to the conclusion that I cannot associate myself with the teachings or beliefs of the Catholic Church. I disagree on so many things that a TRUE practicing catholic must follow. I mean simple things in life are forbidden like masturbation, sex before marriage or get this sex only for the purpose of procreation. Now I know there might be like 1% of the entire USA that has actually followed their religious teaching as they are presented. Everyone else picks and chooses parts of their religion and goes with it.

I had a discussion a while back with a friend of mine who is in the Marines who told me he was voting for Bush. I wanted to pick his brain to see what his compelling arguments could be so I asked him on where he stood with gay marriages. I was in shock that he said he was against them (now only 10 years prior we had worked together down at Tower Records in the village and several of our co-workers and friends were gay). When I asked how he came to that conclusion he told me that it was his catholic religion that made him believe that gay marriage was wrong. This just infuriated me even more so I replied well then you never used a condom or had sex with anyone other than you wife. He had no argument to back his claim because he too picked and choose what parts of his religion he was going to follow. This is what is just driving me nuts right now - all these conservative damn religious people who pick and choose what beliefs they want to follow and now those beliefs are being imposed on the rest of the country. Everyone was so concerned about the right winged liberal flip flopper what about the fucking right wing conservative religious zealot. Does ANYONE think it is just a bit scary that they (and when I say they I mean Middle America) re-elected a man who wanted to change the constitution. HELLO I am talking to you red states How will you feel when you are all wearing uniforms, working like mindless robots and praying to the mighty ZELL! Has that ever crossed your mind? How about knowing that you have elected a man who may possibly fill 3 positions in the Supreme Court? The court that can overturn Roe vs. Wade. Just because you picked and choose your beliefs doesn't mean that everyone else should live the same way. I thought we were a free country free to live life the way we choose free to have CHOICES. I respect that you think abortions are wrong and gay marriages are an abomination but you should also respect that I believe otherwise and that I am not you I want to be able to decide what is right for me. I don't want to be told by my government what my beliefs are and what quality of life should be. Where is the division between church and state? I ask you seriously, because if you think altering the constitution just once will not bring a civil war then you really need to wake up.

I will get off my soapbox now and just end with a FUCK YOU AMERICA!

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