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and this is how I end my 2004

Kelly's Daily Libra Forecast December 31, 2004

Quickie: Don't make your friends send a search party. Let them know how you're doing. (I'm a crabby old lady how do you think I am doing.)

Overview: You're in a feisty mood, wanting to say exactly what's on your mind. Remember that it's New Year's, and you want things to go smoothly. Good luck keeping quiet. It won't be easy. (I will try my hardest not to cuss anyone out tonight.)

Daily extended (by Your irritation threshold is definitely lower today than usual, but you're being hardest on yourself. Perhaps old memories are constricting your heart. Maybe past failures are haunting your mind. Banishing these negative influences will take a supreme act of will, and only you can do it. You know what they say about spilled milk. There's a lot of wisdom in those words. (old memories, check failures haunting my mind, check - supreme act of will, still looking for that one and what do they say about spilled milk? that it's a mess and smells if left spilt AH now I get it)

WTF! Seriously is that how I want the year to end? 2005 just has to be better than this doesn't it. Please?

Happy Fucking New Years everyone! (what was that like 15 seconds without cussing, I think I have a record there.)

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