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Oh how I love birthdays

Really I do. I mean by now it should be a national holiday. Lots of things happened on my birthday. For instance in: 1908 the First Model T Ford was produced in Detroit, in 1924 Jimmy Carter, Former (39th) US President was born, in 1935 Julie Andrews, actress/singer best know as 'Mary Poppins' was born, in 1949 the People's Republic of China was created and in 1983 the first Cabbage Patch kids were born on October 1st (well mine was anyway).

In my special year alone (1971) the following things happened: Disneyworld opens in Orlando, Florida, October 1st 1971 was the date on the golden ticket when the kids got to tour Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (in the movie of course – how cool is that) and I was born! Can we make it a holiday already?

Anyway the question was naming your favorite birthday and of course I don't have one I have four. But technically the first one doesn't really count as a birthday because I don't actually remember the party. I was 4 going on 5 and I was in Kindergarten all I remember was that I handed out invites to my classmates and there was this one boy who always wore brown cloths and he was kind of a big boy. When I didn't give him and invite he was like "hey where's mine" and me being the brat that I was turn to him and said "your not getting one." I think I broke his cake loving heart but this shows you that even then I was a bitch.

My next birthday memory had to have been my 7th or 8th birthday when my mother allowed me to have a sleep over party. I don't remember much from that either except for my required Carvel ice cream cake and this shirt I use to wear all the time with some sort of animal on it. It was Pre-Care Bear but with the same concept cute furry animals with t-shirts on that said things. The one I always wore had a raccoon I think. I just remember I loved it at the time.

The birthday that comes in a very close to the BEST birthday but didn't quite make it was my 30th in Vegas. I know, how that could not be number one – you'll see. 30th was a good year. I had 11 people hanging out with me in Vegas. Won big and lost big but hey had fun doing it. The big disappointment for this trip was the fact that Tisha and I couldn't do the SUMO wrestling we wanted to. We even brought a camcorder to record the whole thing and had people placing bets. We were going to try and make it a pap-per-view event. When we got to Vegas we found out that the MGM Grand (which had the Sumo wrestling) closed their amusement park so we didn't do it.

I must say my numero uno birthday had to be my 27th birthday where I celebrated at Mars 2112. Yes you heard me Mars 2112. Mind you this was back when it was still relatively new and at the time had its own micro brew beers. I think I went back once since and remember them not doing the special beers anymore. I had made friends with one of the bartenders so at the time it was a not crowded place near work that had a pinball machine. Back then the only other place with a pinball machine (close to work) was Siberia but that place was too small and dirty for the group I had invited; besides Mars 2112 had more video games. But besides the large group of friends that turned out AND the fact that we could all drink and drive (video driving games of course) the reason this birthday made it to number 1 was the AWESOME gift my very good friends got me.

OK I admit it I really get touched when I get presents – I mean who doesn't LOVE prezzies. I love when I get thing I never expect to get or gifts that really are me (you know when people hear that you like a cup and remember it and months later get you that cup). I love shit like that. But when 30 of my friends chipped in and got me an original Sally-rip-apart doll I think I almost fainted. They didn't bring it out to the bar that night but presented me with a photo I thought they had all gone mad. I mean I am a HUGE collector of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas' items. Most of my stuff is from 1993 when the movie was released. I had the talking Jack doll but never got the Sally-rip-apart doll, so by 1998 (the year of my 27th birthday) I am sure it was priced on eBay probably near $600. I have the most awesome-est friends in the world. I hope they all know that! (I was looking for a photo online but it's not even listed anywhere. Someday I will catalog all I have and post it to show you really how bad of a sickness my collection has become.)

So yeah birthday #27 gets my number one spot – I even have a photo of me and one of the aliens having a beer still hanging on my wall. Ah good times, good times.

Happy Birthday Happy Robot!

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