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pink eye, yellow moods, green clovers and purple Nautic Star tattoos

Kids don't try this at home: Just the other day while I was cleaning my face in the shower I accidentally got soap up my nose. Now I didn't inhale it or feel like I did any damage. It was DDF's Pink Grapefruit Foaming Cleanser which is made from herbs and botanical extracts so you wouldn't think it could harm you. Within 20 minutes my left eye got all pink, runny and sore. I went to work without makeup and was going to call my doctor when I got in as I thought I had caught pink eye. I had it back when I went to school and one of my co-worker's wife just had it so I thought I picked it up. By the time I got to work my eye was clear and dry. Now I know soap up the nose = pink runny sore eyes and NOT contagious pink eye.

I am not ashamed to admit I still like that Coldplay song Yellow. My moods lately have been very Yellow.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up and I am happy to report that I will be no where near the NYC area on that day. I really hate St. Patrick's Day even though I am Irish. I can't stand all the stupid drunk punk ass kids out celebrating their heritage but then I remember I must have been one of those stupid drunk punk ass kids myself I did carry around a box of Lucky Charms one year as snack food between the green beers. I like to think I have left that annoying life well behind me. I am all grown up now and know that drinking green beer, painting a shamrock on my face (or Docs), wearing something green or calling Ireland "HOME" is not going to make me more Irish. So how am I going to celebrate St Patrick's Day this year? Don't be jealous but Tricia, Tisha and I are flying to VEGAS BABY to see The Reverend Horton Heat, The Supersuckers and Trainwreck (who I am hoping is KG & Lee from Tenacious D but might be some other Texas country band). I'm so money baby!

I don't know if it's because I have been on a sort of shopping frenzy since November or that I am bored with life in general lately but I really am thinking about getting my next tattoo. The first one I got was back in 1989 when tattoos were illegal in NYC. This girl I worked with at Tower Records was getting a new tattoo and I tagged along. My sister was trying to convince me to get a tattoo of Calvin & Hobbes, thankfully I was not that much of a comic book fan to go with that idea. Instead I got tattoo #15 off the wall a typical heart with a banner and a dagger sized about 2.5"x2". The banner was blank and the heart was not a solid red. In 2000, I got that tattoo covered with a purple & green Koi fish sized about 7.5"x8.5". After reading the Griffin & Sabine stories I wanted to get a tattoo of a Lion Fish on my lower back. When I couldn't decide on a Lion Fish design I started looking into more Koi fish. About a year and a half ago I decided to get another Koi fish this one black and red and slightly bigger than the last. On both sides of the fish I want a set of Nautic Stars colored purple and black.

Now I really should be saving any money I can because I have to move this year and I very much would like to buy a place. But the little devil sitting on my right shoulder is telling me to take my tax return and get some ink and a new monitor for my computer and maybe a lazyboy recliner.

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