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predictions for the next 7 days

I will finish knitting a scarf and a baby hat and start a beaded bracelet and another scarf.

I will get a manicure and a pedicure.

I will pick up a new roll on of Ginger Essence.

I will fly to Las Vegas.

I will learn how to play craps and WIN BIG.

I will see the greatest rock and roll bands and have a kick ass time.

I will then try to jump onto their tour bus and go to LA to see them a second night.

If I am not in LA I will drink "American flags" until I puke on Fremont Street.

I will ride SPEED a few thousand times because I like to feel like I am flying off into space.

I will go night swimming even if I am not allowed to.

I will WIN BIG on the progressive slots, most likely on the Wheel of Fortune slots.

With my winnings I will get a limo and go outlet shopping then drive out the desert and get some spa treatments done (no surgery I swear).

I will ride the gondola's at the Venetian and repeatedly say, "GO BACK, GO BACK" like the trolls did on that Norway boat ride in Disney's Epcot.

I will get have at least 3 Elvis sightings.

I will go to the Bellagio and watch the fountain show hoping they play "Luck Be A Lady"

I will spend my last 20 bucks on the slots at the airport and WIN BIG.

And 7 days later I won't go see the Ring 2 because the first one sucked so bad it almost killed me.

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